PlayStation Showcase Ended Up Disappointing Fans

PlayStation Showcase May 2023
Image: PlayStation (YouTube)

May 2023’s highly-anticipated PlayStation Showcase came and went, leaving much to be desired. Fans flocked to social media and gaming forums to voice their concerns over the lack of first-party games 2.5 years into the PS5’s life cycle.

PlayStation Showcase May 2023 was all about PS5’s varied catalog – Jim Ryan

Halfway through the show, it became evident that yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase wasn’t about dropping bombshells. Sony did announce new games from Haven and Firewalk, but much of the showcase revolved around announcing release dates for third-party games, showing off new trailers for previously announced multiplatform games, and smaller projects — one of which looked like a Splatoon clone.

Nearly an hour into the show, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan appeared on screen to reaffirm Sony’s commitment to “the most varied catalog of games possible.” While that’s good news, fans say Sony banked on Insomniac Games to carry the showcase with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which didn’t come with a release date.

The Last of Us multiplayer’s absence was felt, and there were no exclusives beyond Spider-Man 2 to write home about.

Considering this was PlayStation’s first major event in a while following a series of lackluster State of Plays, it’s understandable where fans are coming from.

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