How to Play Online Slots - Popular Casino Games & Expert Tips

MONTREAL, QC / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2019 / Slots are the single most popular game in an online casino. Players flock to the online slots, while game designers focus most of their time on developing new titles. In North American gaming, slot machines generate as much as 70% of land-based and online casinos' business.

Table games and video poker lure players who want to master strategy. Online slots work a different kind of magic, entertaining players with easy to learn rules, cool themes, and huge jackpots.

Players love the wild assortment of themes, which include cultural references, historical settings, and popular subjects. Licensed slots take pop culture's greatest hits and brings them to your computer screen. Movies, TV shows, comic heroes, and chart-topping musical acts entertain a player while they focus on life-changing jackpots.

Nothing lures players to slots more than the progressive jackpots, which offer million-dollar payouts.

How Do I Play Online Slots?

With all the glitz and game features, slots might sound complicated, but they're not. In fact, part of the allure is how easy it is to play. Slots are easy to learn. You won't need strategy or skill to win. Instead, you focus on enjoying the game. All you really need to know are the key points below.

  • Minimum bets are affordable. Slots have lots of coin options, so they work for penny players and high rollers alike.

  • Bettors can win big with small stakes. You don't have to bet a fortune to win a big jackpot.

  • Slots are fun. With songs and soundbites and charming themes, slots entertain all types of players. You'll find the theme perfect for your tastes.

How Do Online Slots Work?

Most online slots games have two modes: the main game and the bonus game. Players want the reels to land on certain winning combinations called paylines. When a payline hits, you win prize money. The best online slots have wild symbols, which increase your chances of hitting a payline.

Slots also contain scatter symbols, which trigger the bonus game. In the bonus mode, the main game pauses while your chances of big winnings increase. Even better, players risk nothing in the bonus game.

While bonus cash and free spins keep the game exciting, players want to win the jackpot. Many online slots these days feature multi-tiered progressive jackpots. Slots bettors love these, because they give players an escalating set of top prizes.

How Do I Pick the Online Slot Game?

Slots designers create a full spectrum of games. The first question is whether you want to play progressive slots or fixed jackpot slots.

Progressive slots have huge payouts that rise into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Fixed jackpot slots have payouts in the thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars. The tradeoff is fixed jackpots hit more often, so you'll have more winning sessions.

You have to ask yourself: do you want to relax and play slots for small prizes or do you want to hit a lottery-style jackpot? If it's a lotto-sized prize you want, play the progressives.

If not, then you'll want to focus on themes. Players who enjoy cool graphics and good storylines should try 5-reel video slots, which have cinematic graphics and video game style interactive bonus games. Those who like old style gaming should try the 3-reel classics, which have fewer paylines and a better chance of winning.

What are the most popular online slots?

Most players pick progressive slots, because they want a shot at a massive jackpot. Mega Moolah Slots is a popular game, because it holds the record for the biggest online jackpots ever. The top Mega Moolah jackpot is €18.92 million, which equates to $21.09 million. Mega Moolah might not have the greatest graphics, but it doesn't matter. The game pays out huge amounts and players love it.

Thunderstruck II is another popular title. Frankly, Thunderstruck II has everything: good visuals, unconventional rules, and big payouts. The game features a popular Norse theme -- think Thor from The Avengers movies. Even better, the game gives players the chance to win 2.4 million coins at a time. Thunderstruck II uses the innovative 243 ways-to-win game mechanic, which gets rid of paylines, but still unlocks big prize money.

Players who prefer supernatural romance might choose Immortal Romance Slots instead. Immortal Romance uses the same "243 ways to win" rules that Thunderstruck II does. That means huge potential payouts on every spin. Immortal Romance pleases a different crowd than Thunderstruck, though. Instead of Norse mythology, Immortal Romance takes its inspiration from vampire romance. If you liked Twilight or HBO's True Blood, then you'll enjoy Immortal Romance.

Mega Fortune MegaSlots shows the wide range of fun you'll find in online casinos. The game's Mega jackpot rivals Mega Moolah's record totals, with €17,860,868 ($19.9 million) as the game's biggest jackpot ever. Mega Fortune Mega uses a spinning wheel bonus game that's similar to IGT's world-famous Wheel of Fortune Slots game. Despite the three-tier jackpot system, Mega Fortune Mega defies convention and gives players a 96.40% return-to-player -- better than many fixed jackpot games.

As you can see, slots take a lot of different paths to success. Spend enough time on an online casino site and you'll find games you love. Given the sheer number of titles, starting might be the hardest part. Use the suggestions above and see why these particular slots are so popular in online casinos.


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