Are the Plaths Taking Over For the Duggars On TLC?

Should They Be Scared?

The Duggars have some competition on TLC.

In November, a new series hits the network. It's called "Welcome To Plathville," and it's about a Christian Fundamentalist family who lives on a 55-acre farm in southern Georgia.

It's the Plaths, and they have nine kids. That's nowhere near the 19 kids the Duggars have, but that doesn't mean they're not as unusual.

This Is Just Odd

A sneak peek into the Plaths shows the super-sheltered life the two parents have given their kids, and hints at the potential fallout that could erupt once the outside world starts creeping in.

That's Our Reaction Too

The video shows the kids getting a view of the world, like eating cotton candy, trying out Coke, and going to a gym for the first time.

One of the Plaths, upon getting her first taste of cotton candy, says "I'm addicted."

Some of the kids have never heard of Tom Brady or Spider-Man, and as weird as that sounds, it's also bizarre and entertaining to watch them getting accustomed to regular life.

Moriah, 16, is called "opinionated" by her parents, and says, "I don't agree with everything [my parents] say and think."

Already there are cracks in the Plath foundation.