Plane Debris Falls From Sky in Colorado After Flight Reported Engine Trouble

Jordan Rose
·2 min read

Image via Getty

Passengers on flight 328 departing from Denver, Colorado, were in for a wild ride on Saturday when engine problems made the Boeing 777 plane return to the airport. What kind of engine problems, you might ask? Well, as captured by one of the passengers, the engine caught on fire, and the debris from it landed in some Colorado resident’s yards and houses.

Massive chunks of the aircraft were found on some Colorado residents' front lawn, definitely confused as to how they ended up there.

Some pieces look to even be around the size of the houses themselves. Fox 31 News cites that much of the debris was found in Bennett, a town not far from the Denver International Airport. It also looks like the fallen debris harmed no one.

Passengers can be heard cheering once the plane landed safely back at the airport.

Denver police are asking for residents to call them if any debris is found on their property.