Pizza Hut is now selling a 'Christmas pizza' in the U.K.

Nothing says holiday season like … Christmas pizza? That’s the motto behind Pizza Hut’s latest menu item. The limited-edition order, available only in the U.K., is a full English holiday meal wrapped in one saucy, cheesy package. The “Christmas pizza” features rotisserie chicken, bacon, sage, onion stuffing and a base comprised of red wine gravy. even customers in the U.K. seem confused by the item. Some were critical of the pizza on Twitter, calling it “gross” and “wrong”. “Pizza really has taken a few bad turns since it left Italy,” one Twitter user wrote. On the other hand, some said the pizza looked “amazing”. In 2020 alone, Pizza Hut has announced a ramen pizza in Taiwan and an Ikea-themed pizza in Hong Kong, just to name a few