Disney/Pixar's 'Cars' Roar Back in a New Short

2014 is the first year in nearly a decade that there won’t be a Pixar movie hitting theaters during the calendar year. But the studio has a fix to curb your jones for computer-animation: They are releasing a new short featuring all the characters from Cars on a much smaller screen.

The new six-minute short, “Radiator Springs 500 ½” — a sneak peek of which can be seen above — will be available for free on the Disney Movies Anywhere app for the iPhone and iPad starting on Tuesday, May 20. In the cartoon, Lightning McQueen (voiced again by Owen Wilson) is challenged by a group of tough-talking off-road racers to speed through the wilderness outside the small town he calls home. Mater the tow truck (Larry the Cable Guy) provides them with the route, but naturally the competitors go off course into dangerous territory: That is the Cars way.

To see the full short, download the Disney Movie Anywhere app to your iOS device and select the “Discover” section, or go to DisneyMovieAnywhere.com. The film is the first installment of Disney/Pixar’s new “Tales From Radiator Springs” series, with more shorts set in the Cars universe planned for the future. And Pixar will reward your big-screen patience in a big way next year, with two features - Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur - scheduled for release in 2015.