Pitching Legend Randy Johnson Turns Satellite Dishes Into ‘Bird Ballparks’


Birders and baseball fans alike may perk up when they see the latest ad from DIRECTV starring Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson.

DIRECTV is promoting its latest no-dish-needed coverage of baseball with an ad campaign featuring the famous fireballer converting old satellite dishes into miniature ballparks — made especially for birds! What’s more, you can win a dish-based ballpark — or a “Millet Mullet,” like the props used in the ad.

“DIRECTV is excited to partner with MLB Hall of Famer Randy Johnson on a lighthearted and fun campaign showcasing the versatility and options we offer people, and birds too,” DIRECTV Chief Marketing Officer Vince Torres told GearJunkie. “Having Randy as the face of the campaign that offers birds a new home and highlights DIRECTV’s satellite-free service offering is the perfect combination of our sports and streaming leadership.”

Randy Johnson Bird Ballpark Satellite Dish

Johnson’s involvement plays off the fact that he once killed a bird with a pitch during a 2001 spring training game. The southpaw’s fastball was interrupted by a blur of a dove that turned into an explosion of feathers.

Johnson has said he’s since made peace with the unlucky incident and even uses a dead bird in the logo of his photography page.

To help promote the former dish-based provider’s new dish-free service, Johnson introduces a “baseball paradise for birds,” a repurposed DIRECTV satellite dish that serves as the round foundation for a miniature replica ballpark (complete with figurine players and all). And this silly stadium isn’t just for show — you can enter to win one of the Bird Ballparks right now.

randy johnson millet mullet
randy johnson millet mullet

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Johnson leans into his “Big Unit” playing-day persona by wearing a “Millet Mullet” (a riff on his famous hairdo), which you can also enter to win — so the attending birds have something to snack on during the games. (Peanuts can be good for birds, but Cracker Jacks not so much.)

DIRECTV said there will be 10 total Bird Ballparks and 8 Millet Mullets available for fans to win.

Baseball and bird fans alike can register to win one of the Bird Ballparks or that knit mullet.

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