Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Organizes Her Baking Supplies in ASMR Video

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TODAY -- Pictured: (l-r) Ree Drummond on Tuesday October 22, 2019
TODAY -- Pictured: (l-r) Ree Drummond on Tuesday October 22, 2019

Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

Ree Drummond is spending the last days of summer reorganizing her pantry.

On Monday, the Pioneer Woman star posted an ASMR video on Instagram in which she cleaned and restocked her pantry — primarily her baking supplies.

In the clip, Drummond is seen (and heard) pouring baking ingredients into containers, stacking kitchenware and rearranging cookbooks. Followers can listen to chimes of container lids, bottles of seltzer clinking next to one another and chocolate chips cascading into glass jars.

"I pulled every single thing out, immediately regretted it, then cleaned the pantry and put it all back, much neater this time around! This is mostly the baking/miscellaneous side," the home chef wrote in the caption.

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As the video went on, Drummond filled glass jars with sugar, flour and nuts and then moved on to organize measuring cups on turntables for easy access.

She explained that the pantry contains more than just baking necessities; there are also nostalgic home goods on her shelves. "The mugs were my mother-in-law's and they make me think of her every day," she wrote.

Aside from the sentimental mugs, much of the glassware, including the stoneware pitcher and colorful plates, came from the Pioneer Woman line at Walmart.

The Food Network star promised a second part to the pantry refresh that includes "the food side" of the space.

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This is not Drummond's first ASMR video. Earlier this month, the star posted an ASMR video on Instagram in which she demonstrated how to make cinnamon toast. And earlier this month, Drummond shared another clip, making pancakes in the same style.

In her breakfast tutorial, she revealed that this "wordless/talk-free recipe" method was inspired by TikToker Emily Mariko who often shares videos in silence.

The pantry video was also influenced by Mariko — Drummond reposted the clip on her TikTok with the caption, "@Emily Mariko style as usual b/c I ❤️ her."