Pinky Promise Developing Limited Series ‘To The Moon’, The Latest Project To Chronicle The Roller-Coaster Saga Shaking Wall Street

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EXCLUSIVE: Following the news that Hollywood was already developing two film projects of the current saga still unfolding on Wall Street, we now have our first TV series to focus on thewild story that the biz has fallen in love with. Sources tell Deadline, industry newcomer Pinky Promise is fast-tracking the development of a limited series To The Moon, tackling the ongoing r/WallStreetBets saga. They have met with several top members of the Reddit group, hedge funds and other trading insiders.

This marks the third project to break over the last 24 hours to focus on this subject matter as Deadline scooped over the weekend that MGM had landed a book proposal The Antisocial Network from Ben Mezrich that will dive into the story while this morning Deadline scooped the story that Mark Boal was penning the script for Netflix on the story as well. I can’t remember a time a story had so many suitors even as the tale was still unfolding so it plays in Pinky Promises favor to have the first TV series in development.

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The series is the multi-narrative, rip-roaring story of the r/wallstreetbets people’s rebellion against cynical hedge funds. To The Moon follows two roommates laid off from their jobs at GameStop and AMC, who turn Covid into lemonade by using their stimulus checks to dip into the world of day trading. It’s The Big Short meets Reddit, in this chronicle of the movement that grabbed Wall Street by the wallet and chucked it all the way to the moon.

“We’re working with long-time, active members of the r/WallStreetBets reddit to make sure we tell this story correctly. This is a movement that could very well dictate the future of Wall Street and individuals’ beliefs that they can stand up to Goliath – getting this right is our top priority” says Pinky Promise co-founders Jessamine Burgum and Matthew Cooper.

Attached to write the series is Noam Tomaschoff, who is coming off his directorial debut, Tankhouse, and will now turn his attention to To The Moon. Pinky Promise has begun talks with several buyers over the weekend and will continue to engage the market.

“I’ve worked in finance and witnessed these hedge funds gleefully profiting off the backs of struggling companies and ordinary people without a second thought” said Tomaschoff. “This diverse and dynamic people’s movement to hit big money where it hurts is unprecedented and inspiring to anyone who dreams of changing the world. I’m excited to partner with a wide range of those involved to craft a story that captures the swashbuckling dedication of the normal people who banded together to beat the bad guys at their own game.”

Anne Clements has signed on as executive producer. She also recently produced Chick Fight with Alec Baldwin, Malin Ackerman & Bella Thorne and Stage Mother with Jacki Weaver, Lucy Liu and Adrian Grenier.

“Pinky Promise was founded to champion the underdog – it’s hard to imagine a story that captures that ethos more than To the Moon. We’re committed to doing the movement justice with this series and having a lot of fun along the way” says Jessamine Burgum.

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