Pink stands up to fans offended by her post comparing abortion ban to 'Handmaid's Tale'

Pink may have taken her kids off social media because she was tired of being criticized, but that doesn’t mean she’s given up kicking up a little controversy.

The singer is one of many celebrities — among them, Alyssa Milano, Busy Philipps and Chris Evans — speaking out against a new wave of abortion bans. This comes after Alabama passed a bill banning abortions in all cases, including those involving rape and incest, unless a pregnant woman’s life is at risk. Though the bill was signed into law on Wednesday by a woman, Gov. Kay Ivey, it was controversially passed by 25 white male state senators.

The singer shared her outrage by posting photos of the male senators on Instagram, adding, “Welcome to the real-life Handmaid’s Tale!” — a reference to the Hulu drama set in a dystopian future in which women have no rights.

“It’s the sad truth,” her husband, Carey Hart, commented underneath the post. “Why are these men making laws on behalf of women? Just sad.”

But one commenter was offended by Pink’s support of abortion rights and accused her of ignoring women who don’t agree with her views.

“I have a uterus so can I have an opinion?” the commenter wrote. “I’ve had four babies, my first was out of wedlock and a surprise, had just broken up with the father after a couple years of being together, had the baby and am now married to him with four kids total and happy as f*** ... and I think abortion after six weeks is evil. This is so ridiculous acting like all women are in favor of killing babies in the womb. WE ARE NOT A MONOLITH.”

But Pink, who recently opened up about having her first miscarriage at age 17, stood her ground. To her, women should be free to make the decision whether or not to give birth.

“The point is, you had a CHOICE,” she shot back. The original poster then responded, though she seemed to have misinterpreted the singer’s point about having a choice.

“I love you but I disagree on this,” the commenter wrote. “I did have a choice ... I was going to work two jobs to support that kid if the father wasn’t interested. I did get lucky but I was prepared for the worst. I made the decision to risk getting pregnant and I will deal with that like an adult.”

While Pink’s stance drew other critiques — “But the babies don’t deserve a choice?!?! They get no chance at life?!” balked another commenter — many fans cheered her on.

“God, I love and appreciate your voice!” read one comment.

“All white men ... they have been telling [us] all what to do for so long,” added another fan. “We need a woman president and say goodbye to this for good. Pink why don’t you run? I am certain you would do greatness.”

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