Piers Morgan Slams ‘Boring’ Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony: ‘This Was Frankly an Embarrassing Snoozefest'

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Piers Morgan thinks the Olympic games should be cancelled. “Nothing about these Games is making me feel anything but depressed,” he wrote. In an Op-ed for The Daily Mail, the British journalist slammed the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo and called the opening ceremony “boring.” “This was frankly an embarrassing snoozefest,” He claimed. During the piece Piers spoke out about the risks of Covid-19 spreading from the events. “What real value is there in an event that turns into a public health and public relations fiasco because you decided to prioritise money ahead of lives,” he said. He thinks the winning athletes will be upset about the circumstances too, as they have to wear masks on the podium and will have to put their medals on themselves. “It's hard to imagine a less inspiring moment or image for an Olympian who's dreamed all their life of this, isn't it,” he wrote.