Piers Morgan says he thinks Fiona Harvey lied 'quite a lot' during 'Baby Reindeer' interview, 'but that doesn't mean she can't be a victim'

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  • Piers Morgan said he thinks the alleged "Baby Reindeer" stalker, Fiona Harvey, lied to him during their interview.

  • The broadcaster interviewed Harvey about the series and asked if she really stalked Richard Gadd.

  • Harvey denied harassing the actor and said that she's planning to take legal action against Netflix.

Piers Morgan said that he thinks Fiona Harvey, the woman outed as the person the stalker in "Baby Reindeer" is based on, lied to him during their interview last week.

The British broadcaster interviewed Harvey on his YouTube show, "Piers Morgan Uncensored," where she denied stalking Gadd after meeting him in a London pub several years ago.

Morgan questioned her on the 41,000 emails Gadd said she sent him, but she claimed that she did not contact the actor that many times, and called him "psychotic."

"I don't think I sent him anything. There may have been a couple of emails, jokey banter, but that is it," Harvey said.

The interview was watched almost 10 million times in three days, which is a testament to just how big the controversy surrounding "Baby Reindeer" has become since it was released on Netflix on April 11.

It's another example of how true crime continues to be hugely popular with Netflix subscribers following 2024's "American Nightmare" and "Lover, Stalker, Killer."

As the conversation surrounding "Baby Reindeer" continues to dominate social media, Harvey told Morgan that she's considering taking legal action against Gadd and Netflix for defamation, as well as the online harassment she's faced from audiences.

Netflix and Gadd did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

In his column for The Sun published on Thursday, Morgan said that the complicated situation could lead to more details being revealed about what really happened between Gadd and Harvey.

"On balance, I'd say Fiona Harvey lied to me quite a lot in the interview and if her threatened legal action against Netflix and Gadd goes ahead, I suspect it will quickly emerge she did send all the emails, messages, and letters to him," he wrote. "But that doesn't mean she can't be a victim here too."

He noted that there were two specific moments in the interview that made him suspicious of her.

"But there were moments in the interview where my suspicious alarm bells rang loud, especially when she suddenly said, 'Even if the email thing was true, the rest is not,'" Morgan said.

He added: "I also found it very strange that she admitted to having up to 6 email addresses, and 4 mobile phones which she 'used for different people.' That's not normal."

BI was unable to reach Harvey for comment.

Morgan also argued that whatever the truth is, both Gadd and Harvey should be able to tell their side of the story.

He said: "But if Richard Gadd feels entitled to make millions airing his side of the story, and make very serious allegations about Fiona Harvey in the process, then she is surely entitled to respond and defend herself?

"As for who is exploiting whom, I'll leave that to the court of public opinion to decide."

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