Piers Morgan Finally Shows Unedited Clip Of Donald Trump Talk TV Storm-Off; Blames “Incompetent Aide” & A Trump “Simmering With Anger” But Reality Is Damp Squib

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Piers Morgan has blamed an “incompetent” aide and a Donald Trump “simmering with anger” for the incident in which the former POTUS stormed off the set of Talk TV’s Uncensored, but in reality the episode was a damp squib.

With viewers hanging on for 90 minutes across the first two episodes of Uncensored to discover how the interview really concluded, Morgan attempted to clear the situation by showing the concluding minutes of the interview uninterrupted and unedited.

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Previous edited clips had caused two angry statements from Trump and led to frenzied speculation about what actually happened. Many reports had claimed the entire situation was manufactured in order to boost publicity to the new channel.

In reality, Trump left with little fuss after Morgan had stretched the interview from what was supposed to be 20 minutes to 70, leading a frustrated aide to call time on four occasions. Morgan attacked the aide on tonight’s show, calling him “incompetent.”

Trump was “simmering with anger about our confrontation over the rigged election and left very irritated,” according to Morgan, but the unedited clip showed Trump leaving frustrated but not storming off. He mumbled that Morgan was “dishonest” as he departed the set.

Here it is in full:

The incident was shown across the first two episodes of Rupert Murdoch’s Talk TV’s Uncensored and in clip form on numerous occasions to drum up interest.

The pair did clash over the election rig and Morgan said it was “unsubstantiated.”

Trump used the interview to tell Morgan he had “overreacted” when he himself stormed off the set of ITV’s Good Morning Britain last year after being challenged on his comments relating to Meghan Markle’s mental health, and he subsequently left that role.

Explaining the situation to Trump, Morgan said Markle had “written to my boss and demanded my head on a plate,” which he couldn’t abide by.

“I shouldn’t have walked off,” Morgan admitted, who compared the “censorship” situation to Trump being removed from Twitter. Trump has told Fox News he is “not going back to Twitter” when Elon Musk buys the company.

Earlier in the interview, Trump dropped one of the biggest hints yet that he will run for President in 2024, stating: “For reasons of campaign finance I can’t say but I think people are going to be very happy [with my decision].”

Trump also used the 70-minute chat to confidently explain the various ways in which he would have prevented recent dire world events.

Calling Putin a “genocidal monster,” Trump repeated claims that the war in Ukraine would never have happened had he still been leading the U.S. as the Russian leader believed the U.S. at that point “had more powerful ‘nukes’ than him.”

He also stressed the recent situation in Afghanistan would not have been the same if he’d still been in charge, decrying Joe Biden’s “incompetent withdrawal.”

The interview was interspersed with various rants by Morgan, who mostly raged against “cancel culture,” stressing the Uncensored mantra of “cancelling cancel culture.”

The first night was watched by an average of around 300,000 people, beating rivals BBC News, Sky News and GB News.

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