Piers Morgan claims US Open star Emma Raducanu 'took his advice and won' after he slammed her Wimbledon exit

A split picture of Piers Morgan and Emma Raducanu.
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  • Piers Morgan has claimed teenage US open star Emma Raducanu took his advice to win.

  • Morgan previously criticized Raducanu for retiring from Wimbledon on medical grounds.

  • "I've been totally vindicated. She took my advice and won," Morgan said in a tweet.

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Former breakfast TV host Piers Morgan has claimed that his advice played a part in British teenage star Emma Raducanu's historic win at the US Open over the weekend.

Raducanu won the final of the US Open on Saturday becoming the first British woman to win a Grand Slam singles title since 1977. Earlier this year, however, Morgan led social media criticism of the 18-year-old after she retired from a knockout game at Wimbledon following breathing difficulties on the advice of medical professionals.

Wimbledon was Raducanu's first grand slam tournament.

Following Raducanu's US Open win, British journalist Leanne Prescott rehashed Morgan's critical comments of the teenager: "A bad day for Piers Morgan means a huge win for mankind. Maybe people should try a little more to encourage young talents instead of dragging them down."

To which Morgan responded: "A bad day? I've been totally vindicated. She took my advice and won."

Morgan continued to associate himself with Raducanu's win in a separate tweet: "Imagine if @EmmaRaducanu had taken Twitter's advice & carried on 'bravely' and 'heroically' quitting and losing… thank God she's made of tougher stuff & realised that winners don't quit & have to learn how to handle the pressure. That's why she's Champion today. Congrats Emma."

In an Instagram statement following her early retirement from Wimbledon, Raducanu said she had felt "dizzy" at the end of the first set of the game and was told not to continue after going off the court for medical support. The 18-year-old was also publicly criticized by seven-time Wimbledon champion John McEnroewho said the occasion appeared to be a "little bit too much" for her.

In a press conference following her historic US open win, Radacanu said she "zoned" into her tennis and didn't pay any attention to the press surrounding her Wimbledon exit.

"I think the biggest triumph for me is how I managed to not think about absolutely anything else but my game plan and execute," she said. "I didn't really think of anything other than what was going on on the tennis court, so all the outside stuff I just completely zoned in and focused on my craft and when I was on the tennis court it was just business as usual."

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