Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Immersive Web Experience

Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club is celebrating its 20th anniversary with exclusive re-releases and an immersive web experience.

The lifestyle brand will release a commemorative BBC20 t-shirt with a unique logo to honor two decades in the game, featuring the original design as a small left chest hit, alongside the new anniversary logo. Billionaire’s special edition clothing will be designed by BBC’s in-house creative team and features the brand’s synonymous Starfield iconography and astronaut character, illustrated to form a scripted number 20.

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Additionally, the immersive BBC20 web page will highlight the streetwear brand’s rich history, celebrating its long run of success with a digital timeline outlining BBC’s most iconic moments.

As the influential clothing line continues its 20th year around the sun, Williams’ brand will also partner with various artists to re-release some of the company’s most limited-edition capsules to date.

BBC ICECREAM 20th anniversary tee-shirt.
BBC ICECREAM 20th anniversary tee-shirt.

The exclusive collaborations will be available for purchase at global flagships in NYC, Miami, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Founder of BBC ICECREAM, Pharrell Williams, spoke about his brand’s two-decade milestone and expressed his gratitude to fans of the coveted drip.

“It’s amazing that we’ve continued to evolve and inspire and create all these years and still remain true to the brand. I get so much inspiration from the world and the amazing artists around me and that’s what has fueled a lot of our designs and collections,” Williams, 49, said. “My eternal thanks to our community of creatives and those who have supported BBC for the last 20 years.”

Joseph Au, the creative director of Billionaire Boys Club, spoke about the importance of retelling and celebrating BBC’s history for the next generation of Billionaire Boys and Girls.

“The narrative of BBC ICECREAM is important to the history of fashion and culture,” Au exclusively told VIBE. “We are a brand where Japanese and American perspectives converged to create something the world had never seen before.”

“We raised the bar in terms of what was possible and guided consumers to good taste and a deeper understanding of living in style. Nigo and Pharrell were and continue to be the pioneers. They energized and inspired a whole generation through the creation of the Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM in 2003. Today, we continue that trajectory and maintain that energy from the foundation of what our brand was built on.”

Regarding the special re-releases, Au insisted that the brand was “planning to release some classic pieces but with a slight twist.”

The BBC20 Anniversary Timeline web experience will launch on Tuesday (March 28) and can be viewed here.

BBC20 tees will be available for purchase on Thursday (March 30) at the BBC ICECREAM flagships in NYC and Miami and on

BBC ICECREAM 20th anniversary tee-shirt.
BBC ICECREAM 20th anniversary tee-shirt.

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