Peter Thomas To Fight DUI Charge, Claims Sobriety Test Was Flawed

Photo by: Wilford Harewood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images
Photo by: Wilford Harewood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images
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Peter Thomas has never had a great reputation and arguments to the contrary continue to elude him. His main claim to fame was being married to Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Cynthia Bailey, but many know him from bad business deals.

Pete has been trying to make it big for a long time, but success doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Now he’s facing an even bigger hurdle. Earlier this month, Peter was arrested for DUI and much like his failed bars, he’s making excuses about this too. Now the former Mr. Bailey speaks out on how the police were wrong and he was right. Radar has the details.

Woe is Peter, again

Credit: Cobb County Sheriff
Credit: Cobb County Sheriff

With his fighting spirit still intact and accountability still missing, Peter is preparing to dispute the DUI charges against him. He believes the field sobriety test conducted on him at the stop was “flawed.” Though that could be because he was allegedly “drunk.”

According to Peter, at best, he’s guilty of running a red light. “So, it’s going to go to court and without a doubt, I will be 1000 percent vindicated. I’ll get a ticket for running a red light and I’m OK with that,” he said.

That said, he does admit to swerving all around the road because he dropped his phone. “I definitely was swerving because I was looking at my phone to find out where I was in Smyrna – I don’t go to that side of the world, and he pulled me over. He had all the rights to pull me over, OKAY,” Peter explained.

Here’s the catch, ‘ole Pete was ALLEGEDLY driving without a valid Georgia license and sans auto insurance. Honestly, what is it with people on Bravo and not driving legally? Call Uber, good grief.

Peter laughed at the notion he could be traveling on the road without the proper paperwork and said it was a big “misunderstanding.” As we all know, Peter has had many “misunderstandings” thus far in his life.

“He (the officer) deemed it (the license) to be void and that’s on him. I don’t know what they are doing and not doing, what’s the law, what’s not the law,” Peter added.

The blood pressure was rising

Somehow Peter managed to come up with the $2500 bond and he has no hard feelings against the arresting officer. He was in the Cobb County Jail for a short bit until some ailment overtook him and Pete had to be “rushed to the hospital.”

“As a matter of fact, the cop called me back the next day to make sure I was OK because when they took me to Cobb County Jail, they wouldn’t accept me because my blood pressure was so high. And I told them I was on medication. Indeed, at the hospital they gave me further medication to take because of my blood pressure,” Peter noted.

His court date for the traffic incident will take place in March.


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