Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco go on their first date (again and again) in Meet Cute trailer

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Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco go on their first date (again and again) in Meet Cute trailer

There are moments in life that everyone wishes they could go back and change. For Sheila (Kaley Cuoco), it's her first date with Gary (Pete Davidson). The only catch? She has the time machine to actually do it.

In the first trailer for Peacock's upcoming rom-com Meet Cute, Sheila finds herself not only testing the limits of time and space, but also her relationship with Gary as she tries to shape him into the man of her dreams. Directed by Alex Lehmann, the time-traveling romance sees Davidson and Cuoco embark on multiple first dates in New York City together until she gets it right.

In the trailer, a seemingly chance encounter at a bar causes sparks to fly between the two strangers, but everything changes when Sheila reveals that, actually, she knows Gary pretty well and they've shared this drink many times before.

"I have got to come clean with you. I'm from the future," Cuoco admits. "I've spent the entire week with you, seven times in a row."

To his credit, Davidson's character appears to initially find humor in the situation… that is until he starts to notice how Sheila's meddling has slowly affected his life and personality along the way.

"I just wanted to change a couple things to make you more perfect," she explains.


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Can their relationship stand the test of time (travel)? Find out when Meet Cute becomes available to stream on Peacock starting Sept. 21. For now, watch the film's trailer above.

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