Pete Davidson Fans Slam Kim Kardashian for Being "Controlling"

Kim Kardashian is once again being criticized by the internet.

Last week, a behind-the-scenes clip of her and Pete Davidson preparing for the 2022 Met Gala surfaced. The reality star is seen telling her boyfriend to take his second cap off. “I didn’t know where to put my hat," the Saturday Night Live comedian said. “She’ll hold it, just in case," Kardashian responded, referencing her assistant. "Because if it works and we want to use this somewhere. Just if I want to post any behind-the-scenes."

Before handing it over to the assistant, the SKIMS founder added: “I’m just looking out for you." "No, it's cool," Davidson replied, followed by giving his cap away and saying, "Thank you, man. This hat caused a lot of trouble.”

After the video released, fans of the SNL star called Kardashian out for her being "controlling." "She’s not letting him be himself by wearing two hats. Let him wear two freaking hats, Kim. It’s all about her Instagram aesthetic. Within five months he’s going to be a complete accessory," one user commented. “Nah, def red flag passive-aggressive behavior. Instead of telling him she doesn’t want him to make her look bad, which is what she’s implying. She said she’s looking out for him. It’s giving controlling and selfish," another added.

Watch the clip here for the full interaction.