18 "Normal" Things In Our Society That Are Actually, Pretty Weird, Cruel, Damaging, Etc.

Recently, Reddit user u/magicfeistybitcoin asked people to chime in with the things they think should be de-normalized in our society. And my oh my, nothing was held back.

Mariah Carey saying, "This is not normal."
Mariah Carey saying, "This is not normal."


Here are some of the most poignant responses:

1."Always needing to be busy with something. Sometimes, you just wanna do you and relax."

"Doing nothing is EVERYTHING."

2."Lack of sleep. It damages your body and mind way more than people think it does."


3."Trying to turn every hobby/skill into a business, or convincing people to do so."


4."Expecting you to constantly be connected to your phone. I hate all the implicit social rules about text messaging and getting back to people. Oh no, your feelings got hurt because I didn’t respond to your meme in two minutes? I’m soooo sorry. It’s not like I wasn’t, I don’t know, busy or something."

A woman texting on her phone
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5."Working yourself half to death and retiring poorer than when you started working."


6."Caring so much about celebrities. I'm from a place in the world that is a first world country but lacks celebrities, and I couldn't give a shit. Yet everyone seems to care as if they're family. They don't care about you!"


7."Food waste. Lots of stores and restaurants throw out substandard food to maintain a level of quality that makes customers trust them, but it leads to enormous waste."

Food thrown in the garbage
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8."Giving a 5-year-old a smartphone to keep them occupied."


9."Going bankrupt from medical bills."


10."Retail customers entitled to 'always being right.'"

"Well, may I please speak to your manager?"


"Extend this to restaurants, please."



11."Making content with unsuspecting strangers."


12."Child beauty pageants."


13."Having children just because you can. Not everyone is a suitable parent. Some people shouldn't have children."

A woman walking with her child on the sidewalk


"On top of this, pressuring other people to have children when they aren't ready/willing. Parents, family, even complete strangers will berate you (especially women) for not having children."


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14."Bragging about or encouraging working more than 40 hours a week."


15."Cavalier attitudes toward constant social drinking."


16."Tipping in the US. Just pay adequate wages to the service workers like most other damn countries."

A receipt with a tip that says "stop snitching"
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17."Only doing nice things for clout. I’m looking at all the influencers who film themselves giving food, blankets, money, etc., to homeless people. Tell me they’d do that if there wasn’t a camera filming them."


18."Filming at concerts. You’re seeing a musician live. Be in the moment and enjoy yourself instead of filming every single song for five seconds of attention on social media."

People with their phones out at a concert
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Is there anything YOU think should be totally de-normalized in society? What about things that aren't normalized but should be? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Note: Responses have been edited for length/clarity.