People Are Sharing Things They Don't Do Anymore Because Of COVID, And It's A Reminder How Much Our Lives Have Genuinely Changed These Past Two Years

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It's pretty wild to think that it's been almost two whole years since COVID-19 became a global pandemic and disrupted just about every aspect of our lives.

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It's safe to say that life feels totally different now. So when I stumbled upon a Reddit thread comparing life before COVID versus now, I was intrigued by the conversation going on in the comments. Redditor u/Outrageous-Collar-09 asked the question, "What normal thing pre-COVID feels weird now?" — and the responses ranged. Here are some of them.

1."Wearing any makeup at this point, TBH."

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2."Still going to work when you’re sick — because you’re not 'too sick' to work."


3."Sharing drinks with people. I used to never think twice about drinking after someone."

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4."Blowing candles out on a cake — then serving that cake to other people."


5."Flying on an airplane. Flew for the first time this week since 2018. Shit was weird, man."

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6."Knowing what the lower half of faces look like. I imagine my own version and then I see them without a mask and I get a sort of dissonance."


7."Coughing and sneezing in public."

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8."Reading lips. I’m autistic with an auditory processing disorder. I sometimes hear syllables instead of actual words, so I lip read to make sure I’m hearing someone correctly. Masks have created so many awkward, embarrassing, confusing interactions for me because I can’t lip read anymore!"


9."Anywhere with a crowd."

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10."Going anywhere you want without thinking about it."


11."Dating during COVID sucks. There are no social gatherings to meet new people."


12."I really miss greeting strangers with a quick smile in public places or seeing that they're smiling at me."

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13."Vaccines not being political."


14."In-person work. Haven't been on site since March 2020 other than picking up an ergonomic chair once we knew we weren't coming back for a long time."

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15."Going to an empty drive-thru and quickly getting fast food."


16."Going to browse around a store for no reason. I won’t go to stores anymore unless there’s something in particular I need."

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17."Going to a hospital without a mask. Super common before but unthinkable now."


18."Salad bars were always kinda sketch — but I miss them."

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19."Uber pools."


20."In the Southern US, a handshake used to be a given. Now everyone has to do this weird half attempt or ask if it's okay to shake hands. Most people have just stopped. It's so bizarre."

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21."Watching movies with scenes of crowded elevators and no masks. 'Yikes' is all I can think now."


What are some things that you considered normal pre-Covid but bizarre now? Tell me in the comments below!