People Are Revealing The Heartbreaking Moments That Ended Their Friendship With Their Best Friend, And It's Verrry Messy

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We all know that friendships can change over time. For some people, ending a friendship was simply the result of growing apart. For others, there was a TON of drama involved.

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Recently, Redditor u/gli-tc-h asked the internet, "What ended your friendship with your best friend?" People shared the "last straw" moments that ended their relationship with their best friend — and boy, does it get messy.

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Here are some of the wildest — and most heartbreaking — stories:

1."He was my coworker at a funeral home, and he leaked personal files that had information about the people we take in — and he tried to blame it on me. Those files included autopsies, pictures of the actual body, legal information, and so on. He also wouldn't follow the requests given by family members (religious practices, such as thoroughly cleaning the body before burial, etc.)."

"Just a horrible person over all, and I truly believe that he leaked those things for personal fetishes because he had serious problems, and we were suspecting him already."


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2."He set up a fake messenger account and tried to catfish me into cheating on my wife. At first, I had no idea who it was, so I played along to get clues. He screenshotted all of the messages of me playing along and conveniently left out me calling him out and sent them to my wife. It caused havoc in my marriage and almost led to a divorce."

"I literally have no clue why he did it. He was even my best man at my wedding and vice versa. He never actually fessed up to it and maintained it wasn’t him, even though I have good evidence it was. So, I blocked him on social media and deleted his number. Haven’t talked to him since."


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3."Took an international vacation where we realized we hated damn near everything each other did the whole time. We realized a year of seeing each other one to two times a month made us hardly know each other."


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4."We were college roommates (shared a room for two years). Best friends. Turns out, she was a kleptomaniac and pathological liar. She stole everything from my car to my underwear and was a known thief around campus. Also, she was telling people lies about me to keep me isolated and basically make her the 'one who was always there for me.'"

"I confronted her with evidence, and she never owned up to it. I was stuck in a lease with her for a few more months and kept it civil, and then cut contact once I moved out. I was really sad; we were best friends, or at least, I thought we were."


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5."I got tired of always being the one to put forth any effort. Fly across the world to meet up, attend family gatherings, reach out, be patient, make sacrifices. It was good times when we were together. So, it was worth it for a while, but when she moved close and still never bothered to make an effort, I was over it. Wish her nothing but the best."


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6."I got cancer twice. He didn't bother to call, text, or visit. Oh, this was pre-pandemic, so the hospitals were allowing visitors."


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7."He cheated on his wife with my girlfriend. Killed what I thought was two great relationships with one f**k."

"Actually, it was a lot more than that, but I liked the way it sounded."


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8."She didn't invite me to her birthday party. It was my first time back from college, and I would have been able to go. She made a whole Facebook event page and invited everybody but me. I found out through mutual friends. The kicker was that no one showed up, and she called me crying that this other girl didn't show up."


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9."He’d get into sh*tty relationships, inevitably break up, and I’d comfort and support him. He’d find a way to twist that platonic expression of friendship into romance. He did this for a decade. I knew he liked me when we were in high school; he and our other close friend had a no-date policy when it came to me, but I thought he’d get over it as we got older. I was proved wrong a week before his wedding."

"His fiancée’s cheating was revealed by her affair partner of three months, who got wickedly drunk at a NYE party I was attending and told everyone. After he was informed of this, my friend despaired that if I didn’t love him, no one but his fiancé ever would. They married and separated.

He got a woman pregnant, and it was a disaster; she was constantly dumping him. He’d increasingly make comments about the two of us dating, being FWBs, or hooking up. I told him how uncomfortable this made me, how it hurt to feel that I was no more than a sexual object to him — as though our many years of friendship, as though myself as a person, meant nothing.

His response, in essence, was: 'I’m sorry, BUT, things with my baby mama are sh*t, my sisters are being difficult, my mom is having problems… Life is hard, feel sorry for me.” I ghosted him after that BS. I’m still not sorry for him."


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10."Almost every male friend I’ve had ended up ghosting me after I didn’t return his affections. I’ve seen boys go from 'You’re my best friend!' to straight up ignoring me — or in some scenarios, insulting me. And I’m always the 'b*tch' for putting him in the friend zone or not giving him a chance. But no one talks about how much it hurt to have what I thought was my best friend turn against me because I didn’t want a relationship with them."


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11."I was long-term single and lonely. He was married, and suddenly, all he could talk about was how much fun he was having by cheating on his wife."

"After a while of getting more and more depressed by being around him, I had thoughts like: 'How can I claim to respect women if I’m hanging out with him?' and 'How can I claim to respect relationships and marriage if I’m hanging out with him?' I’d honestly rather have nobody to hang out with than someone who only talks about cheating on his wife. I ghosted him as much as possible, while we worked at the same office. I’ve not seen any sign of him in about 15 years, and I’ll be happy to never see him again."


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12."We were friends since primary school. Back then, she had a very typical childlike personality, as you'd expect a child to have. The thing is, as we got older, she never lost this personality. She still behaved like a child in the sense that she was over-the-top positive about everything that happened. I don't think that's a bad thing; there are reasons for her being like that. She had a dysfunctional family life and felt as though she had to keep the peace among everyone, so she felt she had to compensate for the negativity of her home life. But for me, I didn't feel like we were compatible anymore as friends — as I often felt like I had to match her energy when I was around her. Eventually, we just faded out of each other's lives."

"She's the one friend I feel guilty about drifting apart from because unlike my other friends, she did absolutely nothing wrong. She's someone who's truly wholesome in spite of everything she grew up with. We're in our 20s now, and our moms are still close. Last I heard, she's met a wonderful guy whom she's living with. She doesn't want to get married (and I don't blame her), but he treats her right, which is all that matters, and I couldn't be happier for her."


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13."After 14 years of friendship, we got an apartment. Then, suddenly, he lost his job as a personal trainer because of a dress code violation (he wore a hoodie to work, allegedly), so there were two to three months of him not working. After he agreed to pay me back eventually, all he ever gave me was $400 from his mom (I paid over $14,000 for the year). So, I paid the full-year lease, and he stayed eight months total."

"I also never spoke to him again because I found a receipt where he was trying to make a copy of my car keys make and model. F**K THAT GUY."


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14."We idolized each other, but then she started to adopt aspects of my personality, how I dressed, what music I listened to, etc. Then, she started throwing herself at anyone she knew I found attractive so she could 'get' them first. Then, she tried to screw my brother. In my bed."


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15."She almost constantly cheated on this guy she was dating. She cheated on him after she got a disease, and he helped her learn to walk again. She cheated on him after he raised her son and took care of him like his own. She cheated on him after she ruined his reputation in the town (he comes from a big family business). She cheated on him with the guy she left for him. She cheated on him and then posted screenshots of his text messages when he was having a breakdown, calling him abusive — and everyone on Facebook ate it up, thinking she was the one being mistreated."

"After I confronted her about how awful she was being, she said, 'If you’re not on my side, you’re not my friend.' Twelve years of best friendship down the drain. Just like that."


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16."She uses me as a therapist, but when I try to vent to her, she gives me a few cliché words of support before turning the conversation back to her. It's gotten to the point where we don't even talk unless she has a bad day and needs someone to talk to. She'll take days or even a week to respond to a funny meme, but then immediately start dumping on me about things going on in her life. I'll invite her out to have fun and within a few hours, I'm being her life coach."

"We also just started to grow apart. She's turned into her parents, and her parents are the typical snobby suburban people who are extremely judgmental."


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17."Jealousy. We were super close for 20 years. As we got older, she compared absolutely everything we did. I wound up getting a great job and apartment, and I watched it tear her apart. She even admitted to me that she had a hard time watching others do well. It was impossible for me to stick around. There were constant microaggressions."

"I tried my hardest to stay friends because we had been through so much together. But I finally realized it wasn’t fair to me to constantly — I mean, constantly — be secretive about my achievements or be on the receiving end of utter disdain. One day, I stopped taking her calls and never looked back."


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18."He hated that I started dating my now fiancée, soon-to-be wife. Started calling me whipped, starting talking sh*t behind my back about her constantly. I found out he was like that pretty much throughout our entire friendship. It ended up causing a lot of problems when we were renting a property from his mom, and it ended the friendship for good. He was texting his mom telling her how much of a 'b*tch' my fiancée is, and his mom showed us the texts."

"Disrespect me all you want, but don’t disrespect my fiancée. He was obviously never a real friend, but he was the only actual friend I had growing up. We were 21 when we stopped being friends. I don’t really have any friends now, and it sucks."


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19."She slept with a married guy. I said I thought that was immoral of both of them. We ended up arguing whether it was legitimately polyamory. The wife never knew."

"I don't know how they ended up now, and to be honest, I'm a bit curious."


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20."They were extremely manipulative. They were always in a bad mood and were very rude day by day. At the time, I was at a low point in my life and was very vulnerable. They were the only person who talked to me — and they knew, using this against me whenever I tried to call them out. One day, I found out they were only friends with me to get a passing grade in classes and for me to always get stuff for them."

"Thankfully, I have left behind that point and now have a supportive group of friends today, but I am still hurt by how I was used."


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21."He tried to get me fired from a job that I hired him at as his boss."


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22."We planned a trip to another country, and she happened to have an online relationship with a guy who also lived there. The moment we arrived off the plane and she found her BF, that was the last I saw of her until the end of the trip where we met at the airport."

"Very awkward experience. She also wanted him to join us in the hotel room, and she was upset when I refused to allow him in. Once we got back home from the trip, I never heard from her again."


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23."I grew up, and she didn't. I was ready to move forward in my life; I had a good, long-term relationship and was looking forward to getting married, starting a family, and all that — but she just wanted to party all the time. I know people look at it and say I got old, and she knows how to have a good time, but being the way she is, it takes a toll on your physical and mental health after a while."

"She hasn't been in a good place for years."


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24."We tried dating. It went OK, but there was no communication. Then found out from a TikTok video that she had a new relationship, and I guess was going to keep it from me, so I could be a backup. The relationship ended and we were still friends. Then, I found out that she slept with my brother while we were talking, probably while we were together, and after we broke up."

"Now, they want a relationship with each other, and I’m not speaking to either of them."


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25."She found me a place to stay for free with one of her friends during my divorce. I was insanely depressed, and I was a horrible roommate. She found me a great opportunity to restart my life, and I just pissed all of her friends off."

"I don’t blame her. I was a total wreck during those months. Just miss that friend I had for 20 years."


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26."I was pretty much his only friend. He would come to me for attention, but for whatever reason, he wasn’t able to make any interaction about me. It was always about him — on his terms. We lived together for a few years, and it was mostly good. As soon as we moved into different places, the convenience of our friendship died, and it was replaced by him only wanting to engage with me on his terms around things he wanted."

"I slowly grew exhausted by it and found myself investing in people who were able to give as well as receive."


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27."Every single time that I would tell her I was interested in/talking to a guy, she would try to get with him. She was never successful, but it hurt that she kept trying. I confronted her about this in a very nice, civil way and explained to her how I felt about this. She apologized profusely and promised it would never happen again. And then, it happened again."

"I just immediately cut her off after that, no explanation or words needed. She knows what she did. Haven't spoken a word to her since."


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28."Her dad died unexpectedly, and I was there for her. My dad died unexpectedly a year later and she was not (maybe couldn’t be) there for me. It happens, life is weird."


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29."I annoyed her slightly for about 10 seconds one day, so she ended up cyberbullying me severely over several platforms and several weeks."

"It was honestly for the best. She was toxic as f**k."


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And finally...

30."I still talk to him, but the bond isn't there anymore. Nothing bad happened — we grew up and became different people. I still love him, and we're still friends; we're just not that close anymore, but that's life."

"It would be weird if his wife wasn't his best friend anyway."


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What ended your relationship with your best friend? Let us know your story in the comments below.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.