30 Films Where The Last Scene Is Actually The Best Scene In The Entire Thing

Recently, on my personal favorite subreddit, r/movies, redditor u/downvote_this_mf asked for people to name some "Movies where the final scene is widely regarded as the best scene in the entire film," and movie lovers really came through with some A+ answers.

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So, with that in mind, here are just a few of the most popular responses shared:

1.Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

A group of superheroes stand around a body
Marvel Studios

"Man, that had me on the edge of my seat. Going from all that epic fighting to that axe lunge to the snap and the silence. Only to show everyone dusting, people I had been following for 10 years. The theater was just as stunned as I was."


You can watch the ending scene here:

2.Inception (2010)

A top spins on a table
Warner Bros. Pictures

"Is he dreaming? Does is it matter if he is or not?"


You can watch the ending scene here:

3.Halloween (1978)

A man looks out of a window
Compass International Pictures

"After Michael disappears and Dr. Loomis tells Laurie he was the boogeyman. The montage of all of the places in the movie is just perfect."


You can watch the ending scene here:

4.The Matrix (1999)

A man wearing sunglasses looks up
Warner Bros.

"Neo flying out to save us all was the perfect ending. I enjoyed the sequels, but without the sequels, the impact of the ending would have been absolutely legendary (probably an unpopular opinion)."


You can watch the ending scene here:

5.Saw (2004)

A man looks shocked at something off-screen
Lionsgate Films

"I’m still shocked about that ending. It was easily the best scene in the whole movie."


You can watch the ending scene here:

6.The Lost Boys (1987)

A mother stands with her two sons
Warner Bros.

"'One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach: all the damn vampires.'"

You can watch the ending scene here:

7.Primal Fear (1996)

A man looks at his lawyer through jail bars
Paramount Pictures

"It’s a jaw dropper the first time you see it."


You can watch the ending scene here:

8.Arrival (2016)

A woman holds a man
Paramount Pictures

"The end is really a montage, but it's spectacular."


You can watch the ending scene here:

9.City Lights (1931)

A man chews on his nails
United Artists

"I always say it'd still be a favorite of mine if it wasn't as good as it was, but the reason it's my favorite movie is because of the perfect ending."


You can watch the ending scene here:

10.Children of Men (2006)

Two boats floating on the water
Universal Pictures

"It's utter chaos, then suddenly, a child screams, and everything stops for a moment. It moves me to tears every time."


You can watch the ending scene here:

11.The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

A man aims a shotgun at someone off-screen
Produzioni Europee Associate

"This is the one I thought of because it lasts about 20 minutes. Brilliant tension, cinematography, and a nice surprise."


You can watch the ending scene here:

12.Schindler's List (1993)

A man holds another crying man
Amblin Entertainment

"Not just where Schindler loses his cool and his persona cracks as the gravity of everything hits him when he thinks, 'I could have saved one more,' but all the descendants that probably would not be here if he hadn't done what he did."


You can watch the ending scene here:

13.Reservoir Dogs (1992)

A man, bloodied, sobs
Miramax Films

"You're thinking, 'They won’t ALL shoot…will they?'"


You can watch the ending scene here:

14.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

Two men run towards the camera pointing guns
20th Century Fox

"That ending is epic and amazing!"


You can watch the ending scene here:

15.Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood (2019)

A group of people stand in the driveway
Sony Pictures Releasing

"'Is everyone all right?' 'Well, the fucking hippies aren’t. That’s for goddamn sure.'"


You can watch the ending scene here:

16.Big Fish (2003)

A man carries his father into water
Sony Pictures Releasing

"The whole film is a masterpiece, but the final scene wrecks me."


You can watch the ending scene here:

17.Field of Dreams (1989)

A man looks at his father
Universal Pictures

"'Hey dad? Wanna have a catch?' I love this movie for a million reasons, but the simple game of catch at the end is beautiful. This whole movie, this whole quest, was just for this one moment between Ray and his dad. It crushes me every time I watch that movie."


You can watch the ending scene here:

18.Before Sunset (2004)

A woman pointing at a man, who is off-screen
Warner Independent Pictures

"There we go. That’s the answer. I’ve been scrolling through all these great responses, but I knew we were missing it. It has to be this just because it’s about two films (and 11 years) worth of tension being released when he says 'I know.' Best trilogy in film history, too, if you ask me."


You can watch the ending scene here:

19.The Game (1997)

A man holding a shirt that reads "I was drugged and left for dead in Mexico and all I got was this stupid shirt"
PolyGram Films

"This is such a great movie with just a minor re-watch worth, but oh, what would I give to see this movie for the first time again."


You can watch the ending scene here:

20.Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

A man screams and points
United Artists

"The whole movie is great, but the last scene always haunted me."


You can watch the ending scene here:

21.Arlington Road (1999)

A sweaty, disoriented man stands in a crowd
Screen Gems

"A pretty good film that's about half an hour too long and definitely sags in the middle, but that ending...wow. I realized what was going on at the exact moment that Jeff Bridges's character did, and I'll never forget that split second 'oh shit' moment."


You can watch the ending scene here:

22.Captain Phillips (2013)

A beaten man laying down as a Dr tends to him
Sony Pictures Releasing

"The final scene where he is being rescued and checked out by the medic was surprisingly emotional. I still think about it regularly after seeing it years ago."


You can watch the ending scene here:

23.Michael Clayton (2007)

A man speaks aggressively to a woman
Warner Bros. Pictures

"This is one that comes to mind. The whole movie is just a constant buildup of tension, and George Clooney just paying a guy to drive a taxi around so he doesn't have to think while he is just silent was really impactful. The whole movie is good, but I think the ending is definitely the standout scene for me. It's also pretty cool that this scene happens while the credits roll, yet it didn't take me out of it."


You can watch the ending scene here:

24.Whiplash (2014)

A man plays drums
Sony Pictures Classics

"Damn, that's catharsis."


You can watch the ending scene here:

25.Se7en (1995)

A man aims a gun at another man, while another tries to stop him
New Line Cinema

"The movie is brilliant from its first scene, but that ending solidifies it as one of the best of all time."


You can watch the ending scene here:

26.Smokin' Aces (2006)

A man looks shocked
Universal Pictures

"There's a few awesome scenes in the movie, but that ending with that soundtrack playing beats everything before it."


You can watch the ending scene here:

27.Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Darth Vader stands in a dark hallway
LucasFilm Ltd.

"I love the whole movie, but man, the Darth Vader scene is probably one of the best things in all of Star Wars."


You can watch the ending scene here:

28.Saint Maud (2019)

A woman smiles

"The last fraction of a second is the most chilling thing I've ever seen in a film."


You can watch the ending scene here:

29.A History of Violence (2005)

A family sit around a table
New Line Cinema

"No spoilers for the ending, but not one character says a single damn word in the final five minutes, yet you understand everything that is said between everybody in the room. Such a fantastic story, I felt like it flew under the radar somewhat, which is weird considering it's a David Cronenberg film."


You can watch the ending scene here:

And finally:

30.The Truman Show (1998)

A man bows beside an open door
Paramount Pictures

"It's the greatest closing scene in any movie ever, in my opinion."


You can watch the ending scene here:

You've read their picks, but now it's your turn. Which ones did they miss? Which ending scenes are the best scenes in the entire movie? Share your pick(s) in the comments below!

Some responses were edited for length and/or clarity. H/T: Reddit.

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