People Are Extremely Uncivil After Trump Revives ‘Pocahontas’ Insult, Then Mocks #MeToo

Civility was the last thing on Trump critics’ minds Thursday night after a rally where the president brought back his “Pocahontas” insult for Sen. Elizabeth Warren and made fun of the #MeToo movement.

During a speech in Montana, Trump started insulting several political opponents, including the Massachusetts senator, saying he wants to give her a DNA test. “I’m going to get one of those little DNA kits and if I’m debating her, we will toss it to her, very gently so it doesn’t injure her arm,” said Trump. “And we’ll say, ‘Pocahontas, I’ll give you a million dollars if you take the test to show you’re an Indian!'”

Trump continued with joke at the expense of #MeToo: “We will take that little kit, but we have to do it gently because we’re in the “Me Too” generation so I have to be very gentle. We will slowly toss it, hoping it doesn’t hit her and injure her arm.”

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Trump also said congresswoman Maxine Waters has an IQ in the “mid-60s,” and said that Sen. Jon Tester’s criticisms of White House doctor Ronny Jackson were “shameful, dishonest attacks.” Trump is in Montana campaigning for Democrat Tester’s Republican opponent.

See a clip of some of the remarks below:



Warren responded by turning attention to undocumented children separated at the U.S.-Mexico border from their parents.



Others on social media were also unimpressed.



















Warren, originally from Oklahoma, says that her mother’s family has Native American ancestry but maintains she never sought to benefit from it academically or professionally. Trump started calling her “Pocahontas” during the 2016 election campaign.

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