People Have Absolutely Lost It Over Daemon Targaryen In "House Of The Dragon" Episode 3

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If you tuned in for this week's House of the Dragon, then you probably need no reminder about Daemon "Fuck it — I'll do it myself" Targaryen's BIG MOMENT.

Daemon Targaryen

BTW, fair warning, spoilers ahead! (If you haven't caught up on the show yet, what are you waiting for?!)


For a refresher, it's been a three (yes, THREE) year time jump since Episode 2, and in this week's episode, "Second of His Name," we found Daemon battling alongside Corlys Velaryon against the Crabfeeder in the Stepstones.

Corlys Velaryon

By this point, Daemon and Corlys have nearly exhausted their resources and are on the brink of losing their fight.

warriors looking at their resources on a table

However, after some repeated persuasion from members of the small council, Viserys finally bends and informs Daemon that he'll be sending aid.

Daemon holding a message

Of course, Daemon, being the prideful younger brother that he is, is LESS than thrilled about the arrival of this news and, after ~shooting~ the messenger (sorry, guy)...

Daemon angrily hitting the messenger

...rows off Gendry-style to go on something of a suicide mission.

closeup of Daemon

And what follows is QUITE the spectacular display of bravery/madness/fighting from Daemon.

Daemon holding up a weapon

Fans were quick to note that not only was Daemon's big moment amazing to watch, but it also blew everyone's minds that he did so while having no dialogue the entire episode:

And, of course, it made people even more appreciative of Matt Smith's A+++ performance...

...and the showrunners' handling of the character:

They even felt like the hole Jon Snow left in their hearts had been filled:

But, generally, people were absolutely LIVING for Daemon's dramatic mad dash at the end of the episode, and making some hilarious jokes and observations about it:

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What did you think of Daemon's performance this week?! Did you love it? Is he your new (or continued) favorite character?! Tell us in the comments below!



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