Pennsylvania Lt. Governor reacts to Trump campaign’s latest court loss: ‘LOL’

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman appeared on The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer on Sunday where he couldn’t help but laugh at President Trump’s latest defeat in court over the weekend. On Saturday, a federal judge threw out Trump’s lawsuit challenging the results of the election in the state because the case lacked factual proof. The Trump team plans to appeal, but Fetterman doesn’t believe they have any chance of winning.

“The same likelihood that they would have a case is the same likelihood that we have left an enchanted village of Trump voters uncounted somewhere in Pennsylvania that no one realized yet,” Fetterman said. “I mean, it’s fantasy at this point.”

Trump’s legal team has not fared well in court, winning only minor cases of no consequence while losing dozens of cases, and Fetterman believes the Trump team are showing future campaigns that challenge election results in court what not to do.