Pennsylvania lawyer said Giuliani’s 'absurd' presentation in court left him 'dumbfounded'

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Mark Aronchick, an attorney representing four Pennsylvania counties as the Trump campaign continues disputing the results of the election, found himself going head-to-head with President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giulaini in federal court on Tuesday, and Aronchick was not impressed with the argument Giuliani put forth. Aronchick said that Giuliani failed to prove any conspiracy or fraud. In fact, according to Aronchick, when pressed by the judge on the notion of fraud, Giuliani was forced to admit that fraud was not even part of the complaint. Aronchick said most of what Giuliani presented was “small-ball stuff” and that overall it just didn’t make sense.

Video Transcript


MARK ARONCHICK: The Trump campaign came in, through Mr. Giuliani, asserting a fantasy world. It was a case that somehow involves 11 different states in a gigantic conspiracy.

KYLIE MAR: Mark Aronchick, an attorney representing four Pennsylvania counties as the Trump campaign continues to dispute the election results, faced off against President Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, in federal court on Tuesday. Giuliani became the Trump campaign's lead lawyer after multiple law firms bowed out. And according to Aronchick, Giuliani's presentation was anything but convincing.

MARK ARONCHICK: I sat there dumbfounded because the story that was presented by Mr. Giuliani bore no relationship to the actual complaint in the case. It's absurd on its face.

KYLIE MAR: Trump and his allies have repeatedly made wild claims of widespread voter fraud but when pressed in court, Giuliani was forced to admit that, at least in this case, it was not about fraud.

MARK ARONCHICK: Mr. Giuliani, basically, said, no, this wasn't a-- a complaint based on fraud. Instead, it was based on some kind of a-- all I can say is some kind of strange conspiracy.

KYLIE MAR: This was Giuliani's first time in front of a federal judge in 28 years and, needless to say, Aronchick was not impressed.

MARK ARONCHICK: There is nothing that they've shown that-- that there's fraud. There's nothing that they've shown that there is some kind of grand conspiracy here. It doesn't make sense. Nothing that they said actually makes sense.