Pelicans make laughing sounds as Galapagos fishermen share their catch

Pelicans are beautiful birds that are found along most of the shoreline in the Galapagos Islands. They are also very regular features at the fish market. They are enormous birds and they are always hungry. They are smart enough to follow the fishing boats and to know when it is time to put on their best sad faces for the benefit of those cleaning their catch. The fishermen here have a soft spot for the wildlife and they are not immune to the pleading eyes and rumbling tummies. Although the local residents have firm policies and laws regarding interfering with nature, they know that the guts and scraps will go to waste if they don't share a little bit. With smooth motions and subtle looks, the fishermen quickly toss the remnants to the waiting birds who seem most in need of a little help. To the casual observer, it might even appear to be a slip of the hand and completely coincidental that the fish flies right to the waiting audience. The tourists who visit the Galapagos Islands quickly fall in love with the beauty, the animals, and even the warm and welcoming people who do their best to share their knowledge and understanding. Visitors gather at this fish market to see an adorable interaction between the people and the creatures that are trying to survive in this harsh environment. Watching a happy pelican receive a treat will always please the crowd!