Pedro Pascal made up a fake 'satanic language' for his goth character on NYPD Blue

Pedro Pascal can speak multiple languages: English, Spanish, and, apparently, some kind of cursed devil speech he conjured for a role on NYPD Blue.

The actor, who starred in a one episode arc as goth teen Shane "Dio" Morrissey in season 8, said that he completely made up the spooky, Latin-inspired gibberish that his character intensely utters during a scene in the crime drama.

"At one point, he has a pentagram on the inside of his palm that they made with like a black sharpie and I lick it and I make up some satanic language," Pascal recalled while eating some wings on Thursday's episode of Hot Ones. "I thought that it was supposed to be like, Latin, or something?"

When Pascal asked if there was any specific Latin that he should learn for the role, he said the crew simply encouraged him to "just make it up" as he saw fit.

"I was like, 'Oh, okay,'" he continued. "I licked the hand and then I turned slowly towards the camera going [ominous gibberish]. Some crazy s--- like that. On an episode of your ABC network television hit NYPD Blue. I made up the language."

In the 2001 episode, Pascal, then credited as Alexander Pascal, was part of a trio of goth kids who were interrogated by detectives after a man was stabbed at a party. During his questioning, Dio claimed to have a message for the authorities before showing off his pentagram and speaking in his fictional language.

Pedro Pascal on NYPD Blue
Pedro Pascal on NYPD Blue

ABC Pedro Pascal on 'NYPD Blue'

Looking back, Pascal called Dio a "really, really unusually fun character" to play, noting that the role's fashion sense led him to don "all these fake piercings," too.

In addition to Dio, Pascal recently raved about another one of his early career characters: Eddie from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He recalled working — and eating ice cream — with Sarah Michelle Gellar in an interview with Entertainment Tonight last week. "She was incredibly kind. She taught me how to use a sandbag to hit my mark," he said. "She was the best."

Watch Pedro talk about playing a goth on NYPD Blue — and falling asleep while filming Game of Thrones — in the video above.

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