Pedro Pascal is daddy and Sarah Paulson is mommy in SNL 's fancam sketch

Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson both ate and left no crumbs in a Saturday Night Live sketch that poked fun at fancams in the era of TikTok.

In the sketch, Pascal plays a popular high school teacher named Mr. Ben who leads an assembly on student technology use to a crowd of gagged teens. The rules? Do not access inappropriate content online, do not bully on social media, and now, the addition of a new rule: Do not make fancams of school staff, the latter of which does not sit well with the younger generation.

"No, skinny legend! Why are you doing this?" a student played by Bowen Yang says in response, after a sparkly TikTok edit of Pascal is shown onscreen.

"Because you have made thousands of fancams of me and I'm not sure what they mean!" Pascal responds, further confused by the Gen Z terminology that follows ("But we made them because you're our beloved and you have us in a chokehold!"). His foot is always on their necks, the students explain, but still! He just doesn't get it.

"I want to be a cool teacher," he says, "but I just don't get it. Why does your generation have to make everyone a celebrity? Why do you film everything?"

The kids cite the COVID-19 pandemic, explaining that the last three years of quarantine has made them "online forever." Thus, Pascal is "daddy" and another educator, Ms. Jenny, is "mommy." Enter: Paulson, who tells the students that there is nothing going on between her and Mr. Ben. Cue: Another sparkly fancam edit of mommy and daddy. When Pascal admits the two are, in fact, in love, Paulson obliges: "Fine. He's daddy. I'm mommy. We're a happy family. No crumbs left."

pedro pascal sarah paulson on SNL. Credit NBC
pedro pascal sarah paulson on SNL. Credit NBC

NBC Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson on 'Saturday Night Live'

Pascal, hailed as the internet's favorite daddy, made his SNL hosting debut this weekend alongside musical guest Coldplay. He currently stars in HBO's apocalyptic drama The Last of Us, based on the Naughty Dog and Sony video game of the same name, which became the network's second largest debut in 12 years when it premiered last month. Pascal is also set to reprise his title role in The Mandalorian once it returns to Disney+ on March 1.

Watch Pascal's fancam sketch featuring Paulson in the video above, and read EW's recap of his SNL episode. He's in his daddy era.

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