Pediatric speech pathologist affirms parent's TikTok tip

Madonna Lazo-Smith (@makinglearningspecial) is a mom and a licensed pediatric speech pathologist who wants to help parents “build strong minds” . Madonna recently shared a reaction video confirming another mom’s clever piece of parenting advice. The advice? When trying to get your kids to listen to you, don’t say “don’t”. In the video, Madonna reacts as the mom explains how to effectively get kids to listen, and how to prevent them from doing things they shouldn’t do. The first method you should try, the mom explains, is to tell your child what you want them to do, rather than what you don’t want them to do. if your child is climbing on the table, instead of saying, “Don’t climb on the table,” the clever mom suggests saying, “Feet on the floor, please” . The second method is to distract your child. “Direct their attention elsewhere. So like, ‘Hey do you see that book, can you bring mama that book? Let’s read it together’”. Madonna points out that there are times when saying “don’t” or “no” might be essential. Many parents and viewers were thankful for the clever parenting tip