Peacock's No Bad Days Trailer Turns Tragedy Into Comedy

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If there's one thing comedians are great at, it's finding the light in a dark situation.

Alyssa Limperis is exploring the death of her father through a lighthearted lens in her brand-new comedy special No Bad Days, which premieres August 12 on Peacock.

"My dad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and then a year later, he passed away," she says in the special's first look trailer. "And then, a day later, I went to a café, and they were all out of oat milk. So, it's like, 'Pile it on.'"

From giving a lesson on the stages of grief and asking audience members if they can feel her dad's presence to playing a game of "Who Wants to Be My Dad?," Limperis will take viewers on a journey of pain and loss while highlighting the beauty in everyday life.

"This special is deeply personal to me," the star wrote in a press release statement. "I wrote this piece in the throes of grief after losing my dad to brain cancer in 2015."

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She continued, "This project was a cathartic way to help me process the changes in my life and start my journey on the road to healing, through laughter."

The Los Angeles-based comedian also serves as an executive producer on the special with Michelle Caputo, Shannon Hartman and Jennie Church-Cooper.

"His death changed me," she says at the end of the trailer. "Every day that we get is a day to live."

Check out the full trailer above.

Alyssa Limperis: No Bad Days premieres August 12 on Peacock.

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