Peach PRC Embraces Melodramatic Heartbreak On New Single ‘Forever Drunk’

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Peach PRC - Credit: Jess Gleeson (Courtesy of Republic Records)

On her latest single “Forever Drunk,” Australian pop singer and songwriter Peach PRC embraces the melodramatic emotions of young heartbreak. The record, which arrives via Republic Records, was created in collaboration with Grammy Award-nominated singer and songwriter Bonnie McKee.

“Originally ‘Forever Drunk’ was a much sadder song,” Peach PRC explained in a statement. “But Bonnie and I turned it into an anthemic “dance while you cry” bop, which is what I wanted the song to blossom into anyway.”

“Forever Drunk” finds Peach PRC trying her best to distract herself from the ache in her heart. “Now that you’re gone I’m forever drunk / It hurts too much to sober up / Just let me be forever drunk,” she sings over relentlessly pounding pop production, courtesy of Space Primates. “Now I’m dancing over silver cans / Pretending they’re adoring fans / So I’m forever drunk.”

Expanding on the origin of the record, Peach PRC shared: “‘Forever Drunk’ looks back at my first heartbreak, when at that time I thought this teenage relationship was all I had in my life, I had no family, I hated school, I didn’t think I was smart or talented. So once I lost this person, I went into full on teenage melodramatic devastation, groveling on my hands and knees begging to be taken back. I thought I would NEVER get over it at the time.”

“Forever Drunk” is reminiscent of early-career pop hits from Kesha and Katy Perry, who have both teamed up with McKee in the past. “Bonnie’s like a big sister to me, we talk all the time with each other, sharing our little DIY creative endeavors and random ideas at ridiculous hours of the night,” Peach PRC added. “We’ve had such similar lives and have so much in common, not just in our bubblegum pop music but with our personal journeys too.”

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