You’re paying the most for household bills in SC if you live in this town

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Feel like at-home bills are more expensive lately?

A report by doxoINSIGHTS, a company that specializes in bill payment, found that the state of South Carolina is the 33rd most expensive state for household bills in the country.

Out of the many beautiful places to reside in the Palmetto State, Hilton Head Island was ranked first for having the most expensive household bills in South Carolina. The report listed the island’s residents as paying an average of $2,569 in bills per month.

According to this same report, Bluffton residents pay around $2,524 per month for the 10 most common household bills. This amount is 41.5% higher than the Palmetto State’s average of $1,783 per month, which is already 26% higher than the nation’s average of $2,003 per month. This puts Bluffton in second place for having the most expensive household bills in South Carolina.

The 10 most common household bills used for the report comparison were mortgage payments, rent, auto loans, auto insurance, utilities, health insurance, life insurance, cable or satellite, alarm and security and mobile phone payments.

For the rest of the state, outside of the Lowcountry, residents of South Carolina spend on average $1,783 per month on these same household bills. This lands the state’s overall average at 11% lower than the national average of $2,003, according to the report. Great news if you aren’t a Lowcountry resident.

South Carolina’s 10 most expensive places for household bills

  1. Hilton Head Island (avg. $2,569)

  2. Bluffton (avg. $2,524)

  3. Mount Pleasant (avg. $2,473)

  4. Charleston (avg. $2,185)

  5. Fort Mill (avg. $2,166)

  6. Greer (avg. $2,080)

  7. Ladson (avg. $2,069)

  8. Okatie (avg. $2,062)

  9. Johns Island (avg. $2,040)

  10. Clemson (avg. $2,017)

Ten most expensive states in the U.S. for household bills

  1. Hawaii (avg. $2,911)

  2. California (avg. ($2,649)

  3. New Jersey (avg. $2,610)

  4. Massachusetts (avg. $2,511)

  5. Maryland (avg. $2,456)

  6. Connecticut (avg. $2,380)

  7. New York (avg. $2,361

  8. Alaska (avg. $2,334)

  9. Washington (avg. $2,277)

  10. New Hampshire (avg. $2,256)