‘I Should Make You Pay for It’: Fans Are Not Surprised Shannon Sharpe Is Single After Host Recalls Getting Angry with Date for Ordering Meatloaf at Restaraunt

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A resurfaced clip from an Oct. 21, 2021, episode of “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” has fans split on whether Shannon Sharpe‘s standards are too high.

Sharpe and his co-host Skip Bayless were discussing the Los Angeles Lakers’ struggles after they added Russell Westbrook to the team in 2021. Bayless expressed their struggles at the time almost made him feel sorry for LeBron James because he was the one who wanted Westbrook on the team.

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Sharpe didn’t feel bad for LeBron, suggesting he “welcomed the opportunity” for things to go wrong. Sharpe added that the Lakers’ situation reminded him of a similar incident he had while on a date with a woman.

A resurfaced clip of Shannon Sharpe talking about a date he had with a girl who ordered meatloaf has fans arguing over the star’s pickiness.
A resurfaced clip of Shannon Sharpe talking about a date he had with a woman who ordered meatloaf has fans arguing over the star’s pickiness. (Photo: @shannonsharpe84/Instagram)

“I went out on a date with a girl once,” Sharpe said, “and the place is not known for meatloaf, but they had it on the menu.”

According to Sharpe, his date revealed that she liked meatloaf, but the Hall of Famer warned her that the establishment “wasn’t known for meatloaf.”

Sharpe asked his date, “Why would you get it?”

The date didn’t heed his warning and ordered the meatloaf anyway. After receiving her meal, she found out the meatloaf was terrible. However, Sharpe had no empathy for her. “It serves you right,” Sharpe told his date, “and I should make you pay for it ‘cause I asked you not to get it for the simple fact that this place isn’t known for that.”

The former NFL tight end continued, “If I go to a restaurant, Skip, I’m gonna get what they’re known for. I’m not going to expect a burger from KFC or from Popeyes. They’re known for chicken! So why would you get something that’s really off menu? Why would you do that?”

The show’s moderator, Jenny Taft, agreed that ordering meatloaf was wild, but she also believes Sharpe sounds “kind of intense to date.”

Like Taft, fans online couldn’t decide whether Sharpe was picky or justified.

A fan who sided with Sharpe tweeted, “Okay, but I feel the same way. It’s like going to a Mexican restaurant and ordering a chicken parm. Why would you?”

Another supporter wrote, “Who goes out and orders meatloaf? You can make that at home.”

On the flip side, a fan shared, “This is a grown man upset that a grown woman ordered what she likes. So upset he’s talking about it on national TV. This is immature and controlling. He is 55.” Yet another wrote, “I f—k with Shannon, but him being single is not surprising.”

This isn’t the first time Sharpe’s dating standards have come under fire. Another incident led to his friend Chad Johnson in tears over his love life. On an Oct. 13 episode of “Nightcap with Unc and Ocho,” the two former NFL stars got into a debate over their partner’s bathroom etiquette.

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Sharpe said that he couldn’t go to the bathroom or pass gas in front of a woman. Johnson was flabbergasted, as he said he knew his fiancée was the one after she farted in front of him. Sharpe shot back that he broke up with a girl for doing that.

The pair continued to go back and forth over what partners should and shouldn’t do in front of each other. Sharpe commended Johnson and his fiancée for having that type of relationship, but he said that wasn’t for him. Johnson advised his friend that he couldn’t continue living like he was.

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