'Pawn Stars' takes O.J. Simpson's infamous white Bronco for a slow ride

Caitlin George Parker

The infamous white Bronco forever associated with O.J. Simpson and a very slow police chase emerged from the shadows after 23 years — on Pawn Stars. The owner, Mike Gilbert, was Simpson’s agent at the time of the 1994 incident. Gilbert said, “The murders were June 12. O.J. was supposed to turn himself in on the morning of the 17th. He didn’t, and that’s the Bronco that everybody can remember seeing driving up the 405 freeway. I’ve been offered $500,000 for the Bronco. I turned it down, so here it is.”

Gilbert had hoped to sell the vehicle to some lucky, macabre collector. There is a certainly a market for creepy vehicles. Gilbert said, “There were some people [in 1994] that were gonna sell the Bronco to a company called — I think it’s Graveline Tours, and they were gonna go up and down the freeway, go by the murder site, and I just thought that’d be classless, especially since the trial hadn’t started yet.”

And because the three Pawn Stars guys are keeping it classy, they decided to give the Bronco the slow highway test drive it deserved. After their joyride, it came time to negotiate. Gilbert said he wanted $1.3 million for the infamous vehicle. The Pawn Stars ultimately passed on the sale, but they got to enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Pawn Stars airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on the History Channel.

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