'Pawn Stars' Corey Harrison Wants Vanilla Ice To Be The Democratic Nominee After Biden's Marijuana Comments

"Pawn Stars" Corey Harrison shared a well-timed joke on his Instagram that may or may not have been poking fun at Democratic 2020 frontrunner, Joe Biden.

Las Vegas and the show "Pawn Stars" go hand and hand so after Biden said his stance on marijuana has not changed when questioned at a Las Vegas town hall, Harrison posted why he would be voting for an unusual candidate.Corey shared a meme of Vanilla Ice, who's real name is Rob Van Winkle, with several points as to why he would be a good president.


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Vanilla Ice For Pres.

The meme Corey shared said,

"Reasons why I'm writing in Rob Van Winkle for president:

  1. He's patriotic (see jacket).

  2. He stops.

  3. He collaborates.


  5. If there's a problem, yo, he solves it."

Harrison did not specifically say his hilarious meme was shared because of Biden's "gateway drug" comments but he hinted at it with the caption of his post by using "#democrats2020."

Biden's Stance On Marijuana

Joe Biden is the only leading Democratic presidential primary candidate that is against the legalization of marijuana. In 2010, he said, "I still believe it's a gateway drug," and "legalization is a mistake."

At Saturday's town hall in Las Vegas, the former Vice President was asked if his stance had changed.

"No, it hasn't changed," Biden said. "the truth of the matter is, there has not been nearly enough evidence acquired as to whether or not it's a gateway drug."

He went on to say that he supports removing marijuana from the list of Schedule 1 drugs, which says it has no medical use, to Schedule III, which would make it easier to research, according to USA Today. He also noted that he would like to see every person that has been incarcerated due to marijuana crimes freed and their criminal records should be expunged.

"It's a debate. Before I legalize it nationally, I want to make sure we know a lot more about the science behind it," Biden said.

"[It] is not irrational to do more scientific investigation to determine, which we have not done significantly enough, whether or not there are any things that relate to whether it's a gateway drug or not."

The gateway drug hypothesis states that marijuana users are more likely to graduate to harder drugs like heroin and cocaine but there has been no evidence to prove any connections. Many believe that people often try marijuana first because it is simply the most available and they would possible try harder substances with or without marijuana use. The National Institute on Drug Abuse believes that Biden is correct when he says that more study is needed, according to USA Today.

Marijuana Is A Big Money Maker For Las Vegas

Nevada has legalized marijuana and the city has experienced a boost due to marijuana tourism. Even without opening the official books, it is safe to say that the marijuana industry is bringing in a lot of tax dollars.

Tourists to the city can now walk into any one of the numerous state-sanctioned dispensaries and purchase various types of marijuana. In addition to the natural flower, customers can purchase edibles, topical creams, marijuana extracts and other forms of the controlled substance.