Paul Walker's Brother Has Been On-Set For 'Fast & Furious 9' Filming, Fueling Rumors

Will Brian O'Conner Return?

It looks as if Paul Walker's character in the "Fast & Furious" franchise may get another storyline.

Vin Diesel, on set for Fast & Furious 9, has posted a picture of him with Cody Walker, brother of the late Paul Walker, who died in 2013, before Fast & Furious 7 finished filming. Walker played Brian O'Conner.

Walker's Brothers Helped Finish 'Fast 7'

Cody and Caleb Walker both stepped in to finish Fast & Furious 7, acting as body doubles for the late actor, who died in a fiery car crash.

With Diesel's picture, rumours are swirling that O'Conner will return in some capacity.

It's All Just Speculation

There really isn't any confirmation that Cody Walker will appear in the newest movie, but fans can hope. Fast & Furious isn't set to hit theaters until May 22, 2020.