Paul Rodriguez Delivers New Tesla To Contest Winner Leaving Fans Stunned

About three months ago, Paul Rodriguez posted a video mentioning he was giving away a brand new Tesla to one lucky winner as a way to celebrate 10 years of his brand Primitive being in business. That's one way to celebrate! And as expected, there was a lot of banter all over social media in response to it.

But on April 24th, Paul posted another video dropping the Tesla off to the winner in Hawthorne, California, and his fans (and countless others) were pretty stunned, to say the least. He really did it!? Yep, he really did. Check it out:

I'll admit, even I thought this was pretty ambitious. I mean... there has to be some heavy logistics involved, right? Well, regardless, I knew he wasn't lying—P-Rod is a good guy—but I was eager to see how it would all unfold nonetheless. A Tesla!? I can still remember going absolutely wild over free stickers! Sometimes I still do.

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The contest was pretty simple: For a certain duration of time, every dollar anyone spent on the Primitive site earned them a raffle ticket (so $100 meant 100 entries, etc.) and there was no limit to how many tickets you could collect. Wild, right? He simply ended that initial video saying, "Get as many entry tickets as you'd like... and you might just get lucky."

And, well... here we are. Someone definitely got lucky!

In similar fashion, I love that Paul ends the video above saying, "For all those people who didn't think we were serious, maybe you'll believe us now."

That's definitely a mic-drop moment if I've ever seen one. Congrats to Luis Aguirre and his family! And shout out to Paul for paying it forward like this. This is pretty life-changing, in all honesty. Like Luis said, "Who wins a car, you know?"

And I just have to say—apparently, you do! What a time to be alive.

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