Why Is Rep. Paul Gosar Listed as a ‘Special Guest’ at White Nationalist Event on Hitler’s Birthday?

Paul Gosar - Credit: J. Scott Applewhite/AP
Paul Gosar - Credit: J. Scott Applewhite/AP

UPDATE (4/6/2022): Hours after the Arizona Mirror revealed Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) was listed as a featured guest for a white nationalist organization event in Tempe, Arizona scheduled for April 20 — which also happens to be Adolf Hitler’s birthday — a spokesman for the Arizona congressman told the publication that Gosar will not be in attendance. According to Gosar campaign consultant Rory McShane, the congressman is booked for a “farm tour” on the day of the event. McShane also told the Arizona Mirror that “American Populist Union never contacted Gosar, his staff or his campaign.” Gosar, however, still appeared on the EventBrite listing for the gathering after the farm tour announcement.


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Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) has been tapped as a “special guest” for an event thrown by a white nationalist organization, which is taking place on none other than Adolf Hitler’s birthday, April 20, in Tempe, Arizona, Arizona Mirror reports.

Unlike an ice cream social, the American Populist Union Social presents a different kind of brain freeze: a place where fellow racist humans can indulge in soft pretzels served with house-made cheese, potato tacos and chef’s choice pizza for $45-59.99 tickets, according to the event’s EventBrite listing, while they take in the likely conspiracy theories and Nazi-adjacent vibes provided by Gosar and fellow speaker John Doyle, a YouTube personality and far-right advocate.

Attendees can revel in Gosar’s hot takes, which have included hanging with a Nazi-praising blogger and hobnobbing with other white supremacists — he has spoken at conferences supported by white nationalist Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes, as CNN notes. Sen. Mitt Romney and Rep. Liz Cheney criticized Gosar for his recent video appearance at the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC), also attended by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Last November, Gosar shared an anime video of himself and other extremist lawmakers violently thwarting President Biden’s immigration agenda. It also features a quick clip of Gosar killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) with a sword. The Arizona congressman has also flip-flopped on water fluoridation — one of the conspiracy theories he himself peddled.

Gosar’s fellow Social event speaker looks to bring the same kind of depraved party tricks to the table. Last year, Doyle teamed up with Fuentes to organize a “Stop the Steal” rally in Michigan. The YouTuber’s show, Heck Off Commie, touts far-right ideology, often claiming liberalism is linked to satanism — and, no surprise, he’s also a raging misogynist, unironically claiming women should not be allowed to vote.

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