Patty Perez, ‘Jackass’ Star, Dies at 57

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Patty Perez, an actress and internet sensation who made a cameo in two “Jackass” movies, has died. She was 57.

According to a GoFundMe page set up by her family, Perez died on Sept. 17 after complications from diabetes. TMZ also confirmed Perez’s passing with the family.

“For anyone who didn’t know she had gone through months of health issues. A lot of ups and downs, with many different diagnoses. She fought so hard and for so long,” her family wrote. “If you knew our mom at any point in time she was so full of life. She made the best out of any situation, loved her kids with every fiber of her being and was there for anyone who needed it. She was a friend to everyone.”

Patty Perez was known for appearing in sketches in 2006’s “Jackass Number Two” and 2007’s “Jackass 2.5,” particularly in a sketch called “The Magic Trick” in which filmmaker John Waters placed the “Jackass” crew’s Wee Man, or Jason Acuna, on a bed and then had Perez jump on top of him to make him “disappear.” Johnny Knoxville then walks into the room laughing and asks in faux astonishment, “Where’d he go?”

She also appeared in an episode of the TV documentary “My Big Fat Fetish” from 2012 and was billed as “Goddess Patty.”

“We never stopped fighting for her. We had faith that everything was going to work out but it was her time. Our hearts are broken and life will never be the same without her,” her family added. “This gofundme will go towards unforeseen expenses, bills and debt that we are facing. It will help our family and I tremendously.”

The GoFundMe notes that Perez is survived by her brothers Joe, Richard and Gabriel, her mother Mary and seven grandchildren.