On Patrol: Live hosts joke about massive premiere problems: 'Quite a first night we had last night'

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Sometimes even a live show needs a take two.

After the series premiere of Reelz's new police docuseries On Patrol: Live was stymied by massive technical issues on Friday night, cohosts Dan Abrams, Sean "Sticks" Larkin, and Curtis Wilson returned on Saturday night pretty much on time — and with a healthy sense of humor about the whole mess.

"Quite a first show that we had last night," said Abrams. "If you didn't catch it, here is some of what you missed." With that, the screen cut to this cartoon image:

On Patrol Live
On Patrol Live

Reelz 'On Patrol: Live' team pokes fun at their technical meltdown

"Okay, things did not go exactly as planned. We absolutely positively guarantee you that it won't happen again," said Abrams. "Fingers crossed!" added Larkin.

While Saturday night's episode began with about 30 seconds of dead air before the show began, it was nothing like the technical mess on premiere night. On Patrol: Live viewers who tuned in saw nothing but intermittent black screens, reruns of a reality series called Jail: Las Vegas, and multiple ads for Reelz's upcoming special Kiss: The Story of Their Songs.

The OPL premiere mishap was especially disappointing for fans of Live PD, the hit police reality series which A&E canceled in 2020. Live PD cohost/exec producer Dan Abrams recently told EW that he spent the last two years trying to launch a new law enforcement docuseries. "I've been working on either getting [Live PD] or a new show off the ground since the day it was canceled," Abrams said. Reelz announced the premiere of On Patrol: Live — cohosted by Abrams, former Live PD cohost "Sticks" Larkin, and Wilson — last month.

Reelz was finally able to get the On Patrol: Live feed working at 10:15 p.m. on Friday. By that point, the show was trending high on Twitter for all the wrong reasons — which Abrams jokingly noted in his own tweet.

Good luck to everyone in the On Patrol: Live control room tonight.

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