Patrick Wilson Is a Suspicious Husband Who Gets Flirty With Haley Bennett in Exclusive 'A Kind of Murder' Clip

Murder is on the minds of two strangers whose lives intersect in deadly ways in A Kind of Murder, an upcoming neo-noir thriller based on the novel The Blunderer by legendary crime author Patricia Highsmith (Strangers on a Train). The 1960s-set story of a bookstore owner (Eddie Marsan) whose wife turns up dead at a remote truck stop, and the architect/amateur mystery writer (Patrick Wilson) who suspects that the man has killed his spouse, Andy Goddard’s film is a uniquely bleak genre effort marked by excellent performances. And in Yahoo Movies’ exclusive new clip from the film (watch it above), Wilson’s character exhibits the sort of untrustworthiness that makes him such an intriguingly ambiguous protagonist.

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In the clip, Wilson’s Walter Stackhouse plays host to a dinner party hosted by his wife (Jessica Biel), a woman whose pulled-back hair and strained expressions signal her deep depression. As Wilson’s husband puts on the charm for a beautiful young guest (The Girl on the Train’s Haley Bennett), Biel’s unhappy homemaker watches from a distance, distrustful of her husband’s intentions — emotions that will soon come to a boil in potentially lethal ways.

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Once again proving that he may be Hollywood’s most underrated leading man, Wilson delivers a superb turn as a homicide-obsessed man (he collects newspaper clippings of local slayings) who eventually winds up immersed in his own deadly whodunit. And he’s aided by a strong supporting cast that also includes Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser, as well as a script that revels in noir’s trademark fatalism. A Kind of Murder arrives in theaters beginning tomorrow, Dec. 16.