Patricia Arquette Reacts to Viral Video of Racist Lady In L.A. Neighborhood

Gary Trock

The trendy neighborhood of Eagle Rock was upended when a video of a woman went viral for screaming racist slurs at a local CVS.

Eagle Rock is an eclectic area near Los Angeles, between Pasadena and Glendale. It's an ethnically diverse area, which made the viral video that much more surprising.

The video surfaced late Wednesday after allegedly occurring earlier in the day. A white woman is seen exiting a CVS pharmacy and screaming the N-word at the top of her lungs.

"She's on drugs or something," bystanders can be heard saying. The woman responded that she's not on drugs, and continued to hurl the racist slur at witnesses.

The woman also said she wanted to "kill" African Americans, but that the law prevented her from doing so.

A person could be heard explaining that the deranged lady "drove into the parking lot like a crazy person," in what sounded like a call to police over the phone.

It's unclear what preceded the racist tirade, but the LAPD did respond and take a hate incident report.

In the wake of the confrontation, Eagle Rock residents took to social media in hopes of identifying the racist woman.

One person wrote, "They're too lax in Eagle Rock. Now imagine what would've happened had she screamed these racist slurs and genocidal threats here in South Central. "

Another commented that, "I used to live in Eagle Rock - it was wonderful, diverse and eclectic. It will always have a place in my heart."

They added, "That video? That's not the Eagle Rock I know."

Even Emmy Award winner, Patricia Arquette, got in on the action and posted the location of the CVS store.

"This occurred in eagle rock/GLENDALE," the actress said, days after she scored an Emmy win for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for "The Act."

After the video made the rounds, someone claimed they knew the identity of the woman, and that she works in Hollywood.

The identify of the woman has not yet been confirmed, and she has not made any other statements since the video went public.