Pat Sajak walks off set after unprecedented 'Wheel of Fortune' win

It has been a historic week on Wheel of Fortune, with Wednesday marking the first threepeat in bonus round history. Tuesday's show was the first in which two contestants won $100,000 bonus prizes in the same week, much less on consecutive nights. Coming into the game, host Pat Sajak was excited for the possibility of a trifecta.

“Monday we gave away $100,000 in the bonus round,” Sajak noted at the beginning of the show. “Yesterday we gave away $100,000 in the bonus round. So because of budgetary considerations, rather than cash, we're playing for luncheon meats tonight.”

Contestant Bree Yokouchi wasn’t playing for sandwich meat but she definitely scored some cheese as she solved the bonus puzzle and received the $100,000 grand prize.

Sajak was flabbergasted by the unprecedented win. In fact, he walked off set almost immediately after Yokouchi solved the puzzle.

“I'm outta here,” Sajak muttered. “That's it. I'm through.”

The host later spoke about the win with his daughter, Maggie, who shared the story on social media. When she asked him about the possibility of a fourth consecutive $100,000 winner, Sajak appeared skeptical.

“That would be ridiculous,” Sajak told her. “That would be virtually impossible.”

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