Pat Sajak may have caused Joey Fatone to lose a puzzle on 'Wheel of Fortune'

On Sunday’s Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, former ’NSync star Joey Fatone was joined by Boyz II Men members Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris. While Morris and Stockman both found success on the hour-long show, Fatone struggled.

At one point during the second game of the episode, Fatone was denied the win for a Before and After puzzle that was supposed to be “Stretch Mark Wahlberg” when he said, “Stretch Mark Mark Wahlberg.”

Viewers watching at home took to Twitter to say that it was actually host Pat Sajak’s fault, saying that he made a mistake that prompted Joey to say Mark twice.

“‘Before & After’ is the category,” Sajak told the contestants. “That's one of those where you mash two things together, like we would say — ‘It'd be Wanya Morris and Morris the Cat.’ Then we'd put them together. Just an example.”

While some were quick to call out Sajak for not properly explaining the rules, others wondered why Fatone didn’t know the rules already.

Calls for Wheel of Fortune to add more money to Joey’s charity, the Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center at the University of Kentucky, were made on Twitter. Which would have been extra nice considering Fatone’s gameplay, as viewers pointed out, didn’t produce very many good results for him throughout the contest.

No word yet on if that will happen, but we do know that Stockman’s charity, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, will be getting more money because he’s the one who guessed the puzzle correctly.

Fatone, meanwhile, won’t be done with game shows any time soon because he actually hosts one of his own called Common Knowledge on GSN, which made for a pretty handy excuse for Fatone.

“Again,” Fatone said, referencing himself. “Host. Not a contestant.”

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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