Pat Sajak compares 'Celebrity Wheel of Fortune' contestant to 'wrangling cats'

Comedian Mario Cantone put on quite an entertaining performance during Sunday's Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. The Sex and the City actor started by yelling the correct answer to the opening puzzle and finished with $48,350 and a Dirty Dancing reference. Along the way his antics got a lot of laughs and a few head-shakes from host Pat Sajak.

“Do me a favor, for the rest of the show don't behave yourself,” Sajak told Cantone.

“Oh, I won't!” replied Cantone.

Catone pretended to wear one of the million-dollar wedges as a Miss America sash. He also asked Vanna White to twirl like a Tony Award. And he made the purchase of a vowel seem like a vaudeville act. All in all, fans enjoyed his performance.

While fans enjoyed his theatrics, Sajak feigned frustration at times. At one point the host remarked, “​​We're having great fun tonight, and my previous job as a cat wrangler has really helped me out in my efforts here tonight.”

Cantone donated his winnings to the Actors Fund, which provides assistance to performance artists and entertainment professionals. He also ended his appearance by thanking Sajak in the most Dirty Dancing way he could.

“Oh, I've had the time of my life and I owe it all to you,” Cantone said. “Thank you.”

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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