Past And/Or Future Versions Of Arrow & Flash Will Appear On Legends Of Tomorrow


With time travel in play, past and future versions of characters featured on Arrow and The Flash will appear on DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

This is not particularly surprising to those who have been following the build-up to the series, but it was confirmed at the Television Critics Association earlier today during an interview with EW.

There is a “100 percent chance” that older and/or younger versions of Oliver Queen and Barry Allen will appear, according to Legends executive producer Phil Klemmer.

At one point, reported that a version of Connor Hawke would come to TV, taking up the mantle of a Green Arrow presumed missing. This seems like a good candidate for a story where future versions of the characters might show up.

During Mark Waid's acclaimed run on The Flash, a major storyline also involved a future version of The Flash coming back in time to replace himself when he was presumed dead.

The Flash returns to the air on January 19, followed by Arrow on the 20th and Legends of Tomorrow on the 21st. All three of them air at 8 p.m. on their respective days on The CW.