Parody of Golden Retriever’s Reaction to Getting His Taxes Done Is Just Too Real

With Tax Day just wrapping up, many of us don't want to have to think about it again until next year. If you're lucky enough to be getting money back, you're probably anxiously waiting for it. But if you owe, well, that's a different story.

Teddy is a Golden Retriever and a social media sensation. Him and his dad have an ongoing prank war, and Teddy is constantly looking for ways to make money to pay for the next prank. Those pranks can get expensive, so when it was time for Teddy to get his taxes done, he dreaded it like the rest of us do. Watch what happens when Teddy's tax guy shows him how much he owes the IRS - it's so relatable!

I totally know how Teddy feels! There's nothing worse than finding out that you still owe more money after all that you've already paid! I wasn't the only one who could relate because fans left more than 1,200 comments about it. @JC sighed and shared, "All these years I've been doing my taxes wrong. Didn't know I could claim my stuffed animals LOL!" @Eva wasn't wrong when she said, "Adulting is hard Teddy, we shoulda stayed little." @Justine Lo admitted, "This is literally me on Tax Day lol!" and @Freckles was on point when she said, "Teddy is everyone’s reaction!!!!"

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Internet Famous Pups & Their Parents

Teddy isn't the only pet out there who had to do taxes. There are a lot of savvy pet owners out there who make money on the internet by posting silly (and relatable) videos with their pets. Teddy's pranks have to get expensive because they are pretty elaborate....and speaking of elaborate, check out his cool doghouse.

Another pair I enjoy watching is Kat and her pup Oliver. She hilariously explained why setting up a social media account with him was a mistake. Another entertaining pooch is Hammy - he's one of my favorite dogs on the internet. He's an adorable and very dramatic Corgi who is highly opinionated and has no problem telling his dad what he thinks. Like the time his dad pet another dog - Hammy was not happy about it!

Maxine is another famous pup whose dad goes above and beyond to record her antics - he even poked fun at what being an influencer looks like. Maxine is so famous that Ed Sheeran asked if he could meet her!

Do you ever wonder how much money these influencers make? I always do, and so when an influencer shared just how much money she made on one post about her Maine Coone, it blew my mind!

For many of these stars, entertaining people on the internet has become their full-time job. And while it's a fun job, it's still a job and requires hours of work recording, editing, and creating these minute-long videos. I know there's money to be made by doing it, but I don't have enough patience for all of that!

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