Park Eun-Bin Sings New Song ‘Dream Us’ in Castaway Diva Episode 8

Photo Credit: tvN
Photo Credit: tvN
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The new rom-com K-drama series Castaway Diva, starring Park Eun-Bin, aired episode 8 exclusively on tvN on Sunday, November 19, 2023. The episode is also available to stream on Netflix. The highly acclaimed South Korean actor Park Eun-Bin plays the role of the protagonist, Seo Mok-Ha, who is an aspiring K-pop idol in the series.

The newly released episode 8 features the actor singing a brand-new song titled, Dream Us. Previously, the second episode of Castaway Diva showcased Park Eun-Bin’s singing skills as her character Seo Mok-Ha sang a song titled, Someday. However, this is not the first K-drama series where the actor blessed her fans with her amazing vocals. She previously sang the OST titled, The Blue Night of Jeju Island, for the hit K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

What is Park Eun-Bin’s song ‘Dream Us’ about? Meaning, lyrics & more

Park Eun-Bin’s new song, Dream Us, in Castaway Diva, conveys the lead character Seo Mok-Ha’s desire to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer and K-pop idol. The song talks about a young girl who dreams of becoming a huge star and how her dream will never change no matter what. The lyrics of the song begin with, “Dream us the little girl who used to dream. Dream us shining brighter than the stars. Dream us my heart will never change.”

The song then talks about the young girl’s desire to see a bright future waiting for her at the end of her hard journey. The lyrics continue, “I’m still dreaming of you. When the sun rises in the distance, in this eternally dark place. I pray that at the end of this path we’re taking, there will be a bright future waiting for us.”

The song in the K-drama series, Castaway Diva, further exclaims how no obstacle in the world will stop the young girl from achieving her dream. The lyrics further state, “I won’t shed a tear no matter what hardships may come. I will ride the waves of fate and take your hand. When it becomes too foggy, we can rely on each other until the morning sunlight comes….Even if the entire world ridicules me for this path that I’m taking. I’ll follow the map drawn by my earnest heart and run forward once again.”

Don’t forget to watch Castaway Diva on Saturday and Sunday on tvN and on the streaming platform Netflix.

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