Paris Hilton on Her Niece, Lily-Grace: ‘I Literally Cry When I Hold Her’

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Paris Hilton attends the UNITAS second annual gala against human trafficking at Capitale on Sept. 13, 2016, in New York City. (Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for UNITAS)
Paris Hilton is living the good life while doting on her niece. (Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for UNITAS)

Paris Hilton is constantly on the move. The 35-year-old heiress is one of Ibiza’s hottest DJs, the driving force behind a massive perfume empire, and a budding real estate mogul.

But one special baby is bringing the celebrity back to the “simple life.”

Instead of rushing off to a fashion show or club opening upon her arrival in New York City, Paris headed to the Hilton-Rothschild household to pay a visit to her sister, Nicky, and her 2-month-old niece, Lily-Grace Victoria.

“I’ve been with [Lily-Grace] every day since I’ve been in New York,” Paris told Yahoo Celebrity at her Bella New York magazine cover party in NYC on Tuesday. “I’m obsessed with her. She’s the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Paris thrives on keeping a busy schedule, but life suddenly slows down whenever she’s around her newborn niece.

“I literally cry when I hold her because I’m so happy for my sister,” she said. The emotion she feels has been on full display on social media, even as images of baby Lily-Grace have been kept off it. Paris instead throws back to tender pics of herself as a youngster with a baby Nicky to convey all the love and nurturing she feels for her niece. Paris and Nicky are as tight as can be, with Paris saying it’s like having “a sister & best friend forever all wrapped into one amazing woman!”

Born on July 8, Lily-Grace has already had a profound effect on the Hilton clan.

“I’ve never seen my sister so happy,” said Paris, who hosted one of Nicky’s two baby showers. “It just brings me a lot of joy to see my sister and her family she’s building.”

Lily-Grace is Nicky’s first child with husband James Rothschild. Although Nicky, 32, tries to keep her daughter out of the public eye, the younger Hilton sister often shares glimpses of her new “mom life” on social media.

Morning stroll ☕️

A photo posted by Nicky Rothschild (@nickyhilton) on Jul 26, 2016 at 6:24am PDT


A photo posted by Nicky Rothschild (@nickyhilton) on Jul 23, 2016 at 9:28am PDT

While Nicky is busy adjusting to motherhood in New York City, Paris spends the majority of her time 4,000 miles away living and working on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Her DJing career has taken off in Spain, prompting Paris to extend her residency through October.

But distance can’t keep this aunt from “precious” niece time. Paris said she’s already developed a special connection with Lily-Grace.

“When we look at each other, she smiles,” Paris beamed. “I just have a bond with her. She is such an angel.”

Paris is confident that Lily-Grace is next in the family’s line of successful businesswomen.

“She’s not even 3 months old yet but she’s so intelligent, you can tell,” the proud aunt said. “She’s so special.”

Lily-Grace could certainly learn a thing or two from Aunt Paris when she’s older.

(Photo: Teresa Pyskaty/Bella)
It’s all golden for Paris Hilton, who’s set to launch her 21st fragrance next month, Gold Rush for men. (Photo: Teresa Pyskaty/Bella)

This past summer, Paris launched her 20th perfume, Gold Rush. She is now preparing for the release of her 21st fragrance — a Gold Rush cologne for men — set to arrive next month.

When she’s not working on the album that she wrote, recorded, and produced in Ibiza, Paris has been dipping her toe in real estate ventures. She just opened her first property in the Philippines and is currently looking at land in different parts of the world to find a home for her next hotel.

“I literally don’t really have any time off, but success is something that really fulfills me in life,” Paris said. “I feel very blessed.”

And every time she looks at Lily-Grace, Paris is reminded just how blessed she is.

“I’ve never been happier. Literally the best summer of my life.”